Armpit fat removal is something many women are now keen to explore. Sometimes called axillary fat, armpit fat occurs by the armpit, separate from the breast. Although frequently seen in larger women, even those with a normal body weight and breast size may have axillary fat. Unfortunately, these pockets of stubborn underarm fat often remain even when sufferers exercise and diet rigorously. This can lead to a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

A lot of women complain that they have a fat bulge that remains outside their swimsuits or bras. Covering up this fat becomes a top priority and restricts the clothing that they wear. Wearing lingerie that has thin straps or tank tops becomes impossible. Choosing swimsuits is hard, while tight-fitting tops are out of the question. It isn’t too surprising, then, that these women are looking for an effective solution to the problem. It also isn’t surprising that they wonder whether there’s a surgical solution. The good news is that liposuction is an effective way to treat this problematic area of the body. 

What Is Armpit Liposuction?

Armpit liposuction involves the patient receiving a local anesthetic before a surgeon makes tiny incisions in the armpit area. The surgeon then inserts thin tubes into the incisions, and the tubes suck out the excess fat cells. This permanently removes the fat. It’s possible to treat both armpits relatively quickly. Patients can then go home on the same day to recover in comfort. 

The recovery time is also fairly short. Patients must rest for a couple of days with no heavy lifting of any items for around four weeks. Patients also receive compression garments that they must wear as instructed by their surgeons. This will reduce the bruising and swelling, improve comfort, and ensure the best possible result. Patients will be able to go back to work within around a week or even less. 

Is Armpit Lipo the Right Answer for Everyone?

Not all patients can benefit from armpit lipo. For patients with excess fat in their arms and fat pads extending into their armpits, a brachioplasty may be best. This is an arm lift procedure that removes the fat and excess skin permanently. This procedure is more complex and invasive than liposuction. The recovery time is, therefore, longer. Nevertheless, the outcomes are excellent when a skilled surgeon performs the surgery. Sometimes, combining a brachioplasty with liposuction ensures the optimal outcome.

Which Armpit Surgery Option Is Right for Me?

If you are keen to have fat removed from your armpits, contact the Artlipo team today. We can give you expert advice and information tailored to your needs. You can also arrange a consultation with one of our surgeons. Our talented and highly experienced surgeons produce impressive results, which you can see in our online gallery. Whether you need liposuction, a brachioplasty, or both, we can help you achieve the look you desire. With our surgical armpit fat removal procedures, you can be confident that you will look your best in a swimsuit.