Is There A Lipedema Specialist in Florida?

Floridians who have recently received a lipedema diagnosis may be wondering whether there is a lipedema specialist in Florida. Getting help with this fat-related condition can be challenging at the best of times. Even getting a diagnosis can prove difficult. Many women who are lipedema sufferers wait for years before finally being correctly diagnosed. They have often faced years of doctors telling them they were simply obese and to lose weight. It’s no wonder, then, that so many want a specialist rather than relying on their doctors.

The Lipedema Problem

Lipedema is a frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition. Even though awareness is growing, many medical professionals still fail to spot it at an early stage. This means women often have to wait until the condition has progressed substantially. This means they will already have experienced many negative impacts on their lives. 

Lipedema doesn’t just cause physical suffering; it usually causes mental and emotional suffering, too. Having doctors tell you to lose weight can lead to low self-esteem, especially when dieting and exercise fail to work. As lipedema progresses, it causes the sufferer to look increasingly out of proportion. The lower body becomes increasingly column-like, lumpy, and unattractive. It’s easy to see why so many sufferers have no self-confidence. 

Since lipedema also causes pain and mobility issues, it can also lead to sufferers becoming very isolated. They are often either embarrassed to go out or physically struggle to leave their homes for any length of time. This leads to poor mental health, with anxiety and depression being common co-existing conditions.

Why Find A Specialist?

As you can see, lipedema has severe mental and physical consequences for sufferers. Struggling with pain daily while also suffering emotionally and mentally takes its toll. Unfortunately, many health-care professionals have limited knowledge of lipedema. Even those who are aware of the condition may not know how to treat it. 

Many nonspecialists will recommend conservative treatments for lipedema. While these can help reduce the pain and mobility problems, they are short-term solutions. There is as yet no cure for lipedema. Conservative treatments, such as manual lymphatic drainage and the wearing of compression garments, treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Although massage and compression garments temporarily reduce pain and swelling, you must repeat them on an ongoing basis. This has a long-term effect on the sufferer’s life. She cannot enjoy a “normal” quality of life. 

A specialist in the condition will often recommend a surgical alternative. He or she will also have the necessary skills and experience to treat lipedema effectively and with long-term benefits.

The Surgical Option

Surgically treating lipedema is an effective long-term solution to reduce the pain and mobility problems associated with the condition. It involves carrying out liposuction on the affected areas. This removes the problematic fat cells permanently. As an added benefit, the patient also experiences greater mental and emotional well-being. She can enjoy a better quality of life and higher self-esteem. 

Finding Your Local Lipedema Specialist

Here at Artlipo, Dr. Su is your local lipedema specialist in Florida. Contact us today to find out more about how he can help improve your quality of life.