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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 8, 2022

Your Top 5 Reasons to Have Surgical Lipedema Treatment

Finding the right lipedema treatment is imperative for sufferers of this misunderstood condition. Around 17 million women across the USA and almost 370 million women worldwide are lipedema sufferers. Yet, even today, only a tiny percentage of them receive effective treatment. Doctors still diagnose patients with obesity until the late stages of the disease. As a result, women suffer for longer than necessary.

Lipedema is progressive, so it only worsens over time. It causes fat cells to build up excessively, usually in the legs and arms. Sufferers develop large fat pockets that look disproportionate in relation to the remainder of their bodies. Needless to say, this causes emotional and psychological distress. Trying and failing to lose weight leaves sufferers anxious, depressed, and worried.

Not only does lipedema cause mental health problems, but it also causes physical issues. At the later stages of the disease, patients struggle to walk or exercise. They experience pain on a daily basis in their limbs. They bruise easily and experience tenderness in their lower body. All of this is difficult to live with in the long term.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea for sufferers to consider surgical treatment for lipedema. Here are five reasons why we say it is the best option for all sufferers.

  1. Lipedema Liposuction Involves No General AnestheticWomen with lipedema often have a fear of general anesthetics. They can cause medical issues for sufferers, so they are best avoided where possible. Liposuction only involves local anesthetics. Therefore, the patient remains awake during their treatment. They experience no pain, though, and the surgical team reassures and supports them throughout the procedure. They will also have a shorter recovery time and can return home the same day.
  2. Fatty Tissues Are Reduced SignificantlyThe most important benefit that liposuction brings for lipedema sufferers is significant fat reduction. The procedure doesn’t just reduce fat tissue considerably, but it removes the fibrous tissues too. The limbs become smaller, lighter, smoother, and less tender. After the surgery, the patient’s lymphatic function will usually be better. Furthermore, their limbs appear more proportionate, improving the patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  3. Pain Is Greatly ReducedMost lipedema patients experience significant pain in their affected limbs. Liposuction reduces the amount of fatty tissues, thus reducing that pain. Patients become far more mobile after surgery. They become able to exercise, enjoy daily activities, and move freely once more. They also bruise less easily and can enjoy a better quality of life.
  4. No Extra RisksHaving a specialist surgeon in lipedema treatment always ensures there are no unwarranted risks for lipedema patients when carrying out liposuction. They only remove a safe amount of fatty tissues at any one time. Patients may require several surgeries depending on their condition. The surgeon also uses small cannulas to reduce the risks of trauma for the patient. As a result, patients with an already compromised lymphatic system experience no additional risks.
  5. Better Life QualityRecovering from lipedema liposuction may be painful at first. Yet most patients believe the results are well worth the discomfort. By removing the lipidemic fat around the buttocks, thighs, and knees, patients can move more easily. They have less pain on a daily basis and can enjoy time with their family once more. As a result, they enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle. They can avoid obesity and its associated medical issues. They can also see improvements in their joint function. That makes walking, tying shoes, climbing stairs, and rising from a seated position much easier. Of course, by restoring a more normal appearance to the limbs, surgery also improves the patient’s mindset. They are less embarrassed about the way they look, making them less anxious, depressed, and unhappy.

Recovering From Liposuction For Lipedema

Most people tend to view liposuction as purely a cosmetic treatment to improve their appearance. In the case of lipedema patients, this isn’t true. It is a medical procedure with positive health benefits. Lipedema patients may experience a more extended recovery period than healthy individuals after liposuction. They may have more swelling and bruising. Yet, after around six months, the total result of the procedure is usually visible. If patients follow their surgeon’s advice carefully, they will experience excellent outcomes.

Arranging A Consultation About Lipedema Surgery

It’s clear that surgery is the best way to treat lipedema at every stage of its progression. Whether you’re at stage one or stage four, it’s worth considering having liposuction. It is a long-lasting treatment that brings great relief to both the body and mind.

If you want to discover more about how liposuction can treat lipedema, get in touch with the ArtLipo team now. Dr. Su specializes in treating lipedema patients with his cutting-edge liposuction techniques. His patients experience impressive outcomes and enjoy a far better quality of life post-surgery.

Contact ArtLipo today and find out everything you need to know about liposuction as a lipedema treatment.

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