Have you decided to have upper arm liposuction? Then you need to make sure you’re ready for the procedure. It’s going to be an exciting time for you, but you need to prepare for surgery. Part of this preparation process involves getting ready both mentally and physically. If you prepare yourself in this way, you’ll experience a better outcome. 

Here are some top tips if you need some help to get into the best frame of mind.

Learn the Facts

Knowledge is power. You need to learn all about the procedure and what it involves. If you have a clear understanding of what’ll happen, you’ll be confident and relaxed on the day of the surgery. Learning more about recovery and what it’s going to be like will also help to reassure you. The process will be easier and less stressful if you know the facts first. You can ask your surgeon any questions you may have. Here at ArtLipo, we will give you all the information you need so you’ll be well-prepared. 

Have Realistic Expectations

How much do you expect your arms to change after the procedure? If you set your expectations too high, you’ll only experience disappointment. Upper arm lipo can produce impressive results. Here at ArtLipo, our Celebrity Arms technique is highly effective. However, knowing what your arms are likely to look like afterward will help you prepare for surgery. Your surgeon will explain the kind of result he can achieve before the procedure. You can also check out our before and after shots on our website.

Know Your Motivation

The best reason to have any type of cosmetic surgery is because you want it. If you’re having lipo because someone else wants you to, this isn’t the best motive. Check your motivation before the procedure.

Cultivate Your Patience

You can’t expect to see the final result of your lipo immediately. You’ll be able to see some difference right after the procedure. However, the outcome won’t be visible for several weeks and months. Straight after liposuction, you’ll experience bruising and swelling. You may think the outcome isn’t what you imagined. You need to wait and be patient. Eventually, you’ll see the beautiful arms you desire.

Begin Being Healthy 

To maintain the results of your arm lipo, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. You’ll need to exercise and eat well to ensure your arms stay looking good in the long term. You should introduce more healthy practices into your lifestyle before surgery. Being active and eating well will also improve your mental and emotional health. You’ll feel more positive and happier, and this will speed your recovery, too. 

Choose A Trustworthy Surgeon

The most important element of preparing for arm liposuction is to choose a trustworthy, reliable surgeon. Lipo of the upper arms is an especially challenging procedure, and the results achieved can vary wildly between surgeons. Here at ArtLipo, Dr. Su is a specialist and has developed the Celebrity Arms technique. You can see the impressive results he can achieve on our website. When you come to us for your procedure, you can be confident you’re in very safe hands. Contact us today to learn more about our upper arm liposuction procedure.