Top Tips for Recovering from Your Breast Reduction

If you’ve had a breast reduction in Tampa, helping the healing process all you can is important. This procedure is a form of invasive surgery. Therefore, caring properly for yourself afterward is vital. Here are some expert tips to help ensure the procedure goes smoothly and seamlessly.

Rest Afterward

After having any kind of surgical procedure, it is very important to rest. Even though you’ll be taking time off work to recuperate, this isn’t the right time for tackling DIY projects! Make sure you take sufficient time off work to recover fully. Use the time wisely. Catch up on sleep and rest after your procedure. Your body will heal more quickly the more you rest.

Get Some Help

The first couple of days after your breast reduction procedure, you’ll need someone around to help you. If you have a spouse or partner, ask for help with the household chores and child care. If you have no family around to help you, ask a friend to be there for a couple of nights. You’ll also need somebody responsible to take you to your surgery and drive you home afterward.

Prepare Meals in Advance

A key element in recovery is eating plenty of nutritious food. However, while you’re recovering from surgery, it can be difficult to prepare healthy meals. Make life easy for yourself. Go shopping for groceries before you have your procedure. Prepare some delicious and nutritious meals in advance and freeze them in individual portion sizes. This will make it easy to eat well even when you’re resting and recovering. Simply pop the meals you have prepared into the microwave. After a few minutes, you’re ready to sit down to dinner.

Stay Hydrated

After you’ve had breast surgery, you’ll need to stay well hydrated. Drink lots of water regularly throughout the day. You might want to fill a water bottle and keep it with you to sip at regular intervals.

Choose the Right Clothing

You’ll probably experience some discomfort or pain when raising up your arms after your surgery. Although this will diminish after a couple of weeks, it can be an uncomfortable time. One way to reduce the discomfort is to wear the right clothing. Tops that button or zip up are the best choices. You may also want to choose a comfortable bathrobe that ties at the front during your recovery period. You can buy some appropriate attire before you have your procedure so you’re all good to go. However, don’t be tempted to buy lots of new bras until you can see the final result.

Take Light Exercise

Exercising in the early stages after your procedure isn’t advisable. Once you feel ready, you should do some walking. You should still avoid working out in the gym or doing aerobic exercises in the early weeks. However, walking is a good way to boost blood circulation and aid in recovery and healing. You can begin by walking around your house and, then, progress outdoors for short periods. Before you upgrade your activity level, however, you should talk to your surgeon. You should avoid any upper body workout or heavy lifting until your surgeon has given you the green light.

Attend Your Follow-Up Appointments

You should never skip your follow-up appointments. Even if you’re feeling fit and healthy, you need to stay in contact with your surgeon. Your follow-up appointments will check on your progress. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions or raise concerns. These appointments aren’t optional. So, make use of them. It’s the best way to make sure you achieve the results you desire from your breast reduction in Tampa.

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