Want to Know How to Remove Upper Arm Fat?

Are you one of the many women who is unhappy with the way her arms look? As we get older, we often experience the phenomenon known as bat wings. This is the term used to describe what happens when excess fat accumulates on the upper arm. This causes an unsightly appearance that makes sufferers feel self-conscious. They may also develop a lack of self-confidence. Hiding bat wings can be challenging, especially during the summer months. If you find that you are always wearing long sleeves, even on the hottest days, it is time to act. You can’t avoid wearing tank tops and swimwear forever. Luckily, there are permanent solutions that can resolve your problem. So, do you want to know how to remove upper arm fat for good? The answer lies in the Celebrity Arms procedure of Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery. 

What Is the Celebrity Arms Procedure?

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, our expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Su, has pioneered the Celebrity Arms technique. As a leading surgeon, he has devised a way to guarantee complete fat removal from the arms. Dr. Su carries out this liposuction procedure under a local anesthetic. The patient is awake and alert throughout the surgery. This allows Dr. Su to use his awake lipo technique. He makes small incisions in the affected area and inserts cannulas to suck out the excess fat. Dr. Su asks the patient to move and tense her muscles to allow for the removal of more fat. As a result, sculpting is possible around the full 360-degree curve of the arm. The outcome is excellent, with patients immediately seeing the difference in their upper arms. 

Why Choose Artlipo Instead of Another Cosmetic Surgeon?

The upper arms are a notoriously difficult area to perform liposuction on. Many surgeons will only perform very conservative surgery in this area. Usually, they will only treat the bat wing area. This is because the shoulder area is fibrous and hard to treat. This, therefore, rarely produces the result that patients have been hoping for. While their arms are slimmer, they still lack definition around the muscles.

Artlipo’s Celebrity Arms liposuction is a much better alternative. It guarantees complete fat removal. In fact, this technique can remove up to 90 percent of the excess fat. Thanks to the extreme skill of Dr. Su, he can achieve a very sculpted effect. He will not only remove fat from the bat wing area but from the top of the arm and shoulder, too. As a result, the patient can enjoy the red carpet look for herself!

Arranging Your Consultation

If you’re wondering how to remove upper arm fat, Artlipo has the solution that you’ve been searching for. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable, and expert team today. We can answer your questions and arrange your consultation. You can soon be on your way to beautiful, slim, and defined upper arms. You’ll never need to worry about wearing short sleeves again!