Arm sculpting surgery is becoming increasingly popular these days. More women than ever are looking for ways to reduce the size of their upper arms. They are concerned about bat wings and excess fat in this area. They often feel self-conscious when wearing strappy or sleeveless tops or swimsuits. All this can add up to low self-esteem that can prove debilitating. 

Having an arm lift or arm liposuction can be the ideal solution. These arm sculpting procedures can remove excess fat and skin, resulting in a smoother, more toned upper arm appearance. However, if you’re planning to have this type of procedure, you probably need to know when to arrange your surgery.

Any time of year is ideal to have your arms treated. Yet, there are certain periods when your recovery may be more comfortable. Here we take a look at why winter could be an ideal time to book your procedure. 

How Do Arm Sculpting Procedures Help

Two types of arm sculpting procedures can improve your upper arm appearance. 

One is a brachioplasty or arm lift. This procedure is mildly invasive. It reshapes the arms to achieve a younger, tauter look. Patients who have excess skin on their upper arms’ undersides can benefit from this procedure. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the excess skin and any extra fat. There’ll be minimal scarring since a skilled cosmetic surgeon will ensure he or she will hide the scars whenever possible.

The other procedure is arm liposuction. This procedure removes the fat cells from the upper arm area permanently by sucking them out. Here at Artlipo, we perform this procedure under a local anesthetic. This means you can go home the same day and will have a shorter recovery period. Our expert in lipo, Dr. Su, is a pioneer of the Celebrity Arms procedure. This involves removing a much larger amount of fat from the upper arm than traditional liposuction. Patients remain awake through the surgery, although they experience no pain. Dr. Su can, therefore, ask them to flex their muscles and move into different positions. This allows him to sculpt closer to the muscle, and, as a result, obtain a greater definition of the arm. Arm lipo works best on patients with excess fat but with little to no excess skin. Although the Celebrity Arms technique allows for a good degree of skin tightening, it cannot tighten very loose skin.

Sometimes, a surgeon will carry out both liposuction and a brachioplasty to achieve the best possible result.

The Season for Sweaters

One of the top reasons to arrange winter surgery is that it’s sweater season. You’ll naturally be putting on bulky sweaters, and these will hide your arms during the recovery period. Since you’ll need to wear your compression garment, this will enable you to recover discreetly. Although scarring will be minimal, you may prefer to hide them until they have fully healed.

Cooler Weather Means A More Comfortable Recovery

Your surgeon will require you to wear a compression garment on your arms following this type of procedure. During the warmer season, this can be quite uncomfortable. During the winter, you are more likely to experience greater comfort during your recovery. With the colder outdoor temperatures, you may even appreciate an extra layer under your clothing!

Recovery Before the Summer 

As with all types of surgical procedures, several factors will determine your recovery time. If you plan to have your surgery in the winter, you can be confident your arms will look their best when summer comes. You will be ready to wear your favorite bikini and strappy tops again!

Contact Artlipo today to find out more about how we can help to restore your beautiful upper arms. We can answer all your questions about arm sculpting surgery and arrange your first consultation.