What Are the Causes of Flabby Arms? And How Can Arm Sculpting Help?

For many women, their flabby upper arms often appear as if from nowhere. Changes that occur in the body during adulthood are the likely cause of flabby arms. There are several causes of arm fat. However, no matter what the cause is, once you have flabby arms, they are hard to remove. Many women become very distressed about their large upper arms. They dislike the hang and the bulk that prevents them from wearing clothes with straps. Their confidence can take a nosedive every time they look in the mirror. For these women, diet and exercise are rarely enough to combat the problem. However, arm sculpting could be the perfect solution.

Why Do Upper Arms Become Flabby?

Flabbiness of the upper arms could be because of a buildup of fat. This can occur because of the natural aging process. Once women reach 30, their body fat begins to increase. Lean muscle begins to decrease at the same time. These changes happen in part because of hormonal changes. They may also happen because women become less active as they get older.

Hormonal changes result in a decrease in the metabolic rate. This means a woman burns fewer calories. A slow metabolic rate, paired with fewer calories being burned because of reduced exercise, means weight gain is more likely. Not only that, but gravity also takes a toll. It pulls on the arms and causes the hang we all know and hate.

Once a woman has excess fat on her upper arms, she often finds it hard to eradicate. Even when she changes her diet to a healthier one and exercises more, the fat remains. This is very discouraging and distressing for the woman.

What About Strength Training and Cardio for Flabby Arms?

There are many women who try to incorporate strength training exercise into their daily routines. They hope that this will develop tone in the muscles. In fact, this is very effective. The upper arm muscles become stronger and more defined. However, the problem is that no matter how much strength training you do, the excess fat remains.

Using weights and doing exercises, such as push-ups and bench presses, can target the triceps and biceps. These exercises cause the muscle under the fat to become leaner and more toned. Unfortunately, the hard work will all go unnoticed. All that people will see is the thick layer of fat on the arms that you cannot remove through exercise.

Many women believe they can lose the excess fat through cardio exercise. They, therefore, spend hours burning calories through using elliptical machines or swimming. While it’s always good to get more exercise, this usually won’t have any impact on the upper arms. This part of the body is notoriously difficult when trying to remove fat by using natural methods. No matter how much high-intensity cardio you include in your daily workout, your arms will usually remain stubbornly bulky.

It’s no wonder then that so many women are discouraged and distressed. When women come to us with this problem, they are surprised to discover that arm sculpting can resolve their issues.

How Can Arm Sculpting Help?

Arm sculpting permanently removes the fat and hang from the upper arm. Thanks to Dr. Su’s interactive lipo technique, it’s possible to sculpt the upper arm beautifully. This allows all that hard work in the gym to shine through. People will see your toned arm muscles in all their glory and you will achieve the arms you’ve longed for. Contact us today to find out how Art Lipo can help you to get Celebrity Arms of your own.

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