What Is Capsular Contracture? One of the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Florida Explains All

Breast enlargement is a top cosmetic surgery procedure for women everywhere. However, if you’ve been considering implants, you’ve probably heard of capsular contracture. This is an uncommon complication, but it’s one you should be aware of. Here, the best breast augmentation surgeon in Florida reveals all.

Capsular Contracture – An Overview

The cause of capsular contracture is scar tissue that has hardened abnormally around the implant. Usually, contamination by bacteria from the bloodstream or during insertion causes the hardening. When you have a breast enlargement, scar tissue will form around the implant during the healing process. This will hold the implant firmly in place. In some cases, however, the scar tissue’s collagen fibers become too tight. This causes contracture of the capsule. In some cases, this will distort the breast’s shape. The result is pain.

Who Gets Capsular Contracture?

Anybody who has had implants may develop this condition. It can develop around three months after surgery or up to 25 years afterward. It’s a fairly rare occurrence, however.

What Are the Signs of Capsular Contracture?

The first sign of capsular contracture is one or both breasts feeling tight or unusually firm. Another sign is the breast moving to a higher position on the chest wall. You may experience pain or tightness when touching your breasts.

A physical examination is the only way to diagnose this condition. There are four grades of capsular contracture. In grade 1, there will no treatment required. In grade 2, the breast will feel firm but look normal. Massage may help at this stage. At grade 3, there may be changes in shape and your breast will be very firm. You may need revision surgery. By grade 4, you will experience pain and the shape of your breast will appear unnatural. At this point, you will certainly require corrective surgery.

Treatments for Capsular Contracture

In less severe cases, your surgeon may prescribe medication to prevent the condition from worsening. These soften the scar tissue that surrounds the implants. Physical therapy may also help to loosen and soften the scar tissue. Breast massages and stretching are part of this physical therapy. You can do them yourself after advice from your surgeon. You may also be able to benefit from the application of ultrasonic energy. A closed capsulotomy may be a possibility for some women. This requires the surgeon to squeeze the breast sharply to disrupt and soften the scar tissue. It isn’t a recommended option, however. Revision surgeries, such as an open capsulotomy or capsulectomy, are better options, especially for advanced cases. 

Minimizing the Risks

There are several things you can do to minimize the risk of this condition developing. The best breast augmentation surgeon in Florida will follow these procedures.

  • Use proportionate implants that are the right size for your frame. 
  • Use inframammary incisions.
  • Submuscular placement – This limits bacterial exposure. Not all patients are suitable for this placement, however.
  • A Keller Funnel – This device inserts the implant without the surgeon directly contacting it. This minimizes bacterial contamination.

Of course, it goes without saying that choosing the right surgeon is also vital. The most experienced and skilled surgeons will give you the best chance of avoiding capsular contracture. They will also guarantee the best possible results.

Implant Type

It’s believed that saline implants may have a greater risk of capsular contracture developing. Textured silicone implants have a lesser chance of causing this condition. Alternatively, teardrop-shaped silicone implants are also associated with a low risk of this problem developing.

Top Tips

There are a few top tips that will also minimize your risks of developing capsular contracture. These include: 

  • Avoiding strenuous activity or exercise for several weeks.
  • Massaging the breasts. 
  • Eating healthily. 
  • Attending regular follow-ups after your procedure.

If you’re looking for the best breast augmentation surgeon in Florida, contact Artlipo today. We’re here to offer you outstanding care to ensure you have the best possible result from your procedure.

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