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By Dr. Thomas Su | February 23, 2022

What Is My Lipedema Life Expectancy?

Lipedema life expectancy is in line with that of the general population. Yet, for sufferers, living a long life isn’t the same thing as living a good quality of life. Lipedema is a chronic and progressive condition that only worsens over time. Its rate of progression can vary. However, eventually, sufferers will end up at stage 4 of lipedema.  By the time they get to this point, their quality of life is very poor, and their mobility suffers greatly. The patients’ self-esteem is usually extremely low, and their anxiety levels are high. The pain they experience every day is quite debilitating.

Although lipedema isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can also lead to other physical and mental problems, which could reduce overall life expectancy. For example, lipedema sufferers usually suffer from obesity too. Obesity has a link to heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and other health issues. All of these can lead to serious illness, disability, and even early death.

With this in mind, it’s sensible to seek treatment as quickly as possible.

Maximizing Quality Of Life 

Getting a diagnosis of lipedema is just the first step for sufferers. They must then get the best possible treatment for their condition. Improving quality of life is paramount. Sufferers who struggle to move around without pain and difficulty need expert help. Finding a specialist who is an expert in the field is critical. There is little point in having a normal life expectancy if they spend most of that life in pain. Most women at a later stage of the disease find they are virtually housebound. They can no longer enjoy the things that make life worth living.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa is leading the way as a lipedema specialist. He treats women at all stages of the disease and produces impressive results. He understands the problems that lipedema sufferers experience. By performing lipedema surgery, he gives these women a new lease of life.

How Does Lipedema Surgery Help?

Surgery is the only treatment for lipedema to address the cause of the disease. Conservative options like manual lymphatic drainage, dietary changes, and compression garments only treat the symptoms. Lipedema surgery eradicates the diseased fat permanently. The surgery for lipedema is liposuction. By sucking out the lipidemic fat cells, surgeons can improve mobility, reduce pain, and create a more proportionate appearance. Patients can enjoy a far better quality of life.

Also, as surgery removes the diseased fat, patients can move more easily. As a result, they can exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. That can prevent them from developing obesity-related problems such as strokes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. They can, therefore, live a long and healthy life, not a long life blighted by pain and suffering.

You can find out more about how lipedema liposuction can help you by contacting ArtLipo today. Dr. Su can help you get the diagnosis you need. He can also offer you the treatment you require to improve your lifestyle and eliminate your suffering. Get in touch with the ArtLipo team now and extend your lipedema life expectancy.

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