What to Expect from My Arm Liposuction Results

Arm liposuction is a wonderful procedure to remove unwanted fat from the upper arms. This is an area many women experience problems with. Batwings are all-too-common. The hanging fat in this area can cause confidence and self-esteem issues. It can also result in women refusing to wear a swimsuit or strappy top even in the hottest weather.

If you have larger upper arms, you may be looking for a solution to the problem. Dieting and exercise can only do so much. You cannot spot reduce fat. Therefore, there’s a chance that, even if you lose weight, your arms will remain stubbornly fat. Liposuction of the arms eliminates this problem. It addresses this area specifically and removes the fat permanently. 

However, the key to a successful arm lipo procedure is knowing what to expect from the results. Here, we take a closer look so you can have a realistic idea of what will happen to your body.

Immediately After Your Procedure

Liposuction isn’t as invasive as some other procedures. However, it’s still a form of surgery. You’ll have some downtime, and there’ll be a recovery period afterward. You can expect it to take around a week before you can return to most normal activities. You may need to take painkillers, and you’ll have to wear your compression garment at all times. This will keep the skin of your arms in place and will put pressure on the area, so it reduces in size. If you don’t wear your garment as instructed, the results may not be what you expected.

You will also have some swelling of your upper arms after your procedure. It may be quite noticeable and dramatic. It may also persist for some time. While some women notice the results immediately, others have to wait for weeks or months. You must prepare for this. Eventually, the swelling will go down. You will then start to see the results of your procedure.

How Long Must I Wait Before I See My Beautiful Arms?

It may take as long as 12 months before you see the outcome of your arm lipo. You may see improvements within three to six months after your surgery, but you may not. You may think the full results are visible at this point. Yet, after a year has elapsed, you may realize even more results.

Can My Results Be Improved?

Of course, it’s only natural you want the best possible outcome of your procedure. So, can you do anything to improve the results? The answer to this is yes. 

First, you need to wear your compression garment in the way recommended by the surgeon. This will minimize swelling, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve the shape of your arms. Depending on your surgeon’s advice, you might have to wear it for up to six weeks. 

Secondly, you’ll need to be active but not too active. You must avoid strenuous exercise for a while. However, being completely sedentary is also a bad idea. Take walks regularly, and then, after around four weeks (or when your surgeon advises), you can begin working out again.

Will I Need to Maintain the Results?

Arm lipo isn’t the end of the story. You’ll need to continue to work on maintaining the results of your procedure. The procedure will have permanently removed the fat, but the fat cells that remain can expand should you gain weight. Also, more fat may accumulate in other areas. Therefore, you’ll need to stick to a regular exercise and diet regime after your procedure. This will ensure your arms remain slim and toned in the long term.

Be Prepared for Further Surgery

It’s also important to be aware that you may need more surgery in the future to maintain the results. Lipo will remove the unwanted fat from your arms. Yet, it won’t remove excess skin. As we get older, the skin naturally sags and becomes looser. You may, therefore, need another procedure, such as an arm lift, to remove this skin. It’s important to be aware of this possibility, so you aren’t disappointed. 

Arranging Your Procedure

Now that you know what to expect after your arm liposuction, it’s time to arrange your consultation. We can answer your questions and offer you expert advice, so contact Artlipo today.