Where Should I Place My Implants If I’m To Have the Best Breast Augmentation

When you want to have the best breast augmentation in Tampa, you’ll need to choose the right surgeon for you. To do this, you’ll need to know which questions to ask. One of the main questions you’ll need an answer to before making your decision is where you should place the implants. 

Many patients don’t know there are different options for breast implant placement. There are two you can choose from. You can put the implants under or over the muscles of the chest. Different women benefit from different placements. Several factors determine the best placement for individual patients. These include:

  • Your health
  • Your body type
  • The size of your implants
  • Whether the implants are silicone or saline
  • Your desires and goals

An experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon will know the best position for your breast implant placement. He or she will also be able to explain to you why this placement will be the right one for you.

What Is a Subglandular Placement?

Sometimes called an “over-the-muscle” implant placement, this involves positioning the implant between the existing breast tissue and the chest muscle. This position allows the implant to lie below the breast’s glands. Subglandular placement allows the patient to breastfeed should she wish to at a later date.

An advantage of this placement is the implants are less likely to move when doing physical activities. It also causes less discomfort in the immediate aftermath of surgery. 

On the downside, though, the appearance may not look natural. It may also cause less accurate mammogram readings. Patients have a greater risk of capsular contracture when the capsule that forms around an implant squeezes it and tightens.

What Is a Submuscular Placement?

Submuscular placement involves the implant being placed partially under the chest muscle. Patients who have this placement have a more accurate mammogram result. The appearance is often more natural, and there is less risk of capsular contracture. On the downside, though, the discomfort level is higher after surgery. The recovery period is also longer.

Why Are the Chest Muscles So Important? 

The chest muscles are important for breast augmentation when it comes to the best implant placement. Each patient has different amounts of chest muscle. This will partially determine whether submuscular or subglandular placement is the best choice.

The patient’s anatomy is also a key factor. Women with strong or large chest muscles will benefit from over-the-muscle implant placement. This will cause less breast distortion when the muscles flex and move. Subglandular placement is the best choice for such patients.

However, the mass and density of the chest muscle isn’t the only consideration. The volume of tissue before surgery also has an impact on the placement. When there is plenty of breast tissue, there’ll be enough coverage to allow for under-the-muscle placement.

Choosing A Surgeon

When you want the best breast augmentation in Tampa, selecting the right surgeon is vital. You need to be confident he or she can determine the best implant position for you. You also need to feel reassured by his or her explanation of why this placement is the best option. When you’re well-informed, you’ll be in a better position to choose a surgeon.

If you contact Artlipo today, we’re certain you’ll be impressed by our experienced team. We have carried out many successful breast augmentation procedures and have made many women very happy with the results. We’re here to answer your questions, offer you helpful advice and to arrange your consultation. So call us now and find out the best placement of implants to suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.