Lipedema is, unfortunately, a surprisingly common condition. It is essentially a buildup of fat deposits in the body and primarily found in the lower regions. Legs are the biggest problem areas. They often appear disproportionate when you compare them with the rest of the body. 

What exactly can lipedema surgeons do to help you manage this condition?

How Can You Treat Lipedema?

There are a few treatments for lipedema. The most common treatments revolve around changing daily behaviors and activities. For example, you could change your diet to be healthier. You could also exercise regularly. Your doctor may also suggest that you wear compression garments to treat the pain that comes with the condition. Meanwhile, special manual lymphatic drainage and massage techniques may also be helpful. 

While these treatments may help some, they can only do so much. There is, however, one treatment that shows consistently good results for treating this condition: liposuction. 

When Should Doctors Use Liposuction to Treat Lipedema?

There is no permanent cure for lipedema. However, liposuction has proven to be a long-lasting and effective treatment that improves the quality of life of patients. It may not be the answer for everyone, though. A doctor must fully examine patients. This doctor will give the patients an official diagnosis and determine if lipo is right for them. 

Lipedema is a chronic condition that progresses through four stages over time. Surgeons can use liposuction to treat lipedema at any of the four stages. Nevertheless, it may be more effective at as early a stage as possible. At Stages 1 and 2, it can restore a more normal appearance to the lower body. At Stages 3 and 4, it may not have such an aesthetically impressive result. Nevertheless, it will improve the quality of life, reduce pain, and improve mobility. 

If you suffer from this painful condition, then you should probably seek out this surgery. This procedure eliminates the fat deposits in these problem areas. Liposuction will break up and remove the stubborn fat cells inside the affected areas with a small tube. This helps to reduce the pain associated with the fat. It also helps to improve mobility by reducing the weight of the lower body. Patients can also feel more self-confident thanks to a more proportionate appearance.

Artlipo’s Treatment for Lipedema

The team at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery has a lot of experience treating patients suffering from lipedema. Dr. Su has been working in the cosmetic surgery industry for years and is a liposuction expert. His innovative lipo techniques are highly effective in treating patients with this particular condition. Having helped many sufferers over the years, he has extensive expertise in this field. Whether at Stage 1 or Stage 4, lipedema sufferers see great results after having treatment at Artlipo.

If you have recently received a diagnosis of lipedema, contact our team today. As skilled lipedema surgeons, we can improve your quality of life and improve your mobility.