Will Cosmetic Surgery Make My Legs Thinner?

Have your legs been described as meaty? Stubby? Thick? There are countless words that patients use when talking about their legs. The good news is that there are many types of cosmetic surgery that you can have done. Whether you hate your upper thighs or your lower legs, there are treatments available to help. From thigh liposuction to cankle surgery, the Artlipo team can help you achieve the perfect legs.

Sculpting the Upper Leg

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your thighs? Whether you want to achieve the elusive thigh gap or slim your profile, thigh liposuction is the answer. In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, liposuction of the outer and inner thigh can achieve great results. Liposuction removes the fat cells permanently and allows for a contoured appearance. Your upper leg will look slimmer and more toned almost immediately.

Removing Excess Skin

If you aren’t a good candidate to have thigh liposuction, you may benefit from a thigh lift. If you have excess skin, this will often be a good option for you. You can have sagging skin and stubborn fat removed. This will leave your upper leg looking thinner and more attractive.

Cankle Surgery

If your concerns are with the appearance of your lower leg, calf liposuction could help. Cankles are a common problem among all kinds of women. Even women of normal body weight often have lower leg issues. Cankles occur when the calf and ankle appear to blend together without definition. Ankle and calf lipo can help to sculpt the area to produce a more attractive shape.

Many cosmetic surgeons avoid performing cankle surgery because of its complexity. It is quite difficult to get a smooth and complete result. However, at Artlipo, we have the necessary skill and experience to sculpt the lower leg. Thanks to our advanced interactive awake tumescent liposuction techniques, we can achieve impressive results. With our artistic skill, we can create a definition of the calf and ankle for a beautiful appearance.

Why Have Leg Fat Removal?

Many women try traditional options to improve the look of their legs. They eat healthily and exercise rigorously. Unfortunately, in many cases, there is very little improvement. There is no natural way to reduce fat pockets. This means that, in some cases, after dieting and exercising, your legs will look slimmer. However, in many cases, the fat disappears from other parts of the body and leaves the legs as heavy as ever. For such women, the only true answer is a surgical one, and this is why many women choose fat removal.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your legs, fat removal can restore your confidence. Lipo is a highly effective technique that permanently removes fat cells. This means that the result achieved is usually very long-lasting. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime, the risk of fat returning to the same place is low. When our talented surgeons perform this procedure, the result is beautifully contoured and sculpted legs. We take an artistic approach to cosmetic surgery, and our patients are delighted with their new physiques.

As we only carry out leg lipo under a local anesthetic, the risks of the procedure are minimal. There is no long recovery period and patients return home the same day. It is the best way to achieve the attractive legs that you’ve been dreaming of.

Contact our skilled team today to find out more about our leg cosmetic procedures and cankle surgery. We are looking forward to helping you boost your confidence so you can wear skirts and shorts again.

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