Will Exercise Help My Saggy Arms?

Do you have saggy arms? Are you too self-conscious to wear tank tops, swimwear or short sleeves? Do you feel as if your bat wings are ruining your self-confidence? This is an all too common problem among women. Many ladies have to think hard before choosing clothing or before participating in certain activities. They don’t want their saggy upper arms to be on display. One of the main questions that sufferers of bat wings ask is whether exercise can help. Can working out reduce the appearance of excess fat on the arms?

It’s Impossible to Reduce Fat

The bad news is that there isn’t any quick-fix method that targets fat on the arms. It’s possible to reduce fat overall by exercising and eating healthily. However, there’s no guarantee that any of that fat loss will be from the arms. 

Experts recommend several exercises to improve the appearance of fat arms. They include muscle-building and arm-toning exercises. You should do them in conjunction with eating healthily and taking aerobic exercise.

Which Exercises Can Help to Improve the Appearance of the Arms?

There are a few exercises that can help to tone the muscle of the arms. Push-ups are one such exercise. These target the triceps and strengthen the pectorals. Bench dips may also be beneficial in toning the triceps and shoulder muscles. 

If you have weights, you can do bicep curls to target the biceps. You can choose a weight that best suits your ability level. Start at 5 pounds and, then, progress up to 15 pounds. If you have an exercise bar at home, you can try pull-ups. These are challenging but help to tone the biceps and shoulders. If you go to the gym, bench presses can increase the strength in your upper body. They target the triceps and shoulder muscles.

Another possible exercise to try is boxing or boxercise. Repetitive, fast punches can help to tone the arms.

You should also add some aerobic exercises to your regime. Exercise burns fat and will help to burn the fat away from the muscles of the arms. Pair this with eating healthily, and you may see an improvement. 

Liposuction to Improve the Appearance of Your Arms

Although exercise may help to improve the appearance of your arms, there is no guarantee. You cannot target a specific area of your body for fat loss. The upper arms are notoriously difficult to remove fat from without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction, however, is an effective solution for saggy arms. It will remove the excess fat permanently and leave the arms slim and toned. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, our innovative Celebrity Arms procedure produces outstanding results. By removing up to 90 percent of the fat from the arm, it’s possible to create a complete finish. As a result, the arms look beautifully sculpted, with defined muscles and no bat wings. 

Contact our expert team today to find out more about how we can help you achieve beautiful arms. We can restore your self-confidence and help you feel great in a tank top!

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