Will I Be Left with Arm Liposuction Scars?

If you’re planning to have lipo on your arms, it’s probably because you’re unhappy with their current appearance. It is no wonder, then, that so many people planning arm liposuction worry that they will have scars. Nobody wants to have scarring after a cosmetic surgery procedure. If you are having treatment to improve your self-esteem, you do not want to ruin your self-confidence with scars. The good news, though, is that arm liposuction scars are extremely rare. 

Are you planning to have liposuction on your upper arms? Then you’re probably wondering whether you’re likely to achieve the flawless result you’ve dreamed of. Here, we take a closer look at the reality of scarring after arm surgery. We also look at how you can maximize the positive result of your procedure. 

Doesn’t Arm Surgery Leave Large Scars?

Lots of people think that all arm surgery leaves large scars. This is not necessarily the case. You should not confuse arm liposuction with an arm lift. An arm lift (also known as a brachioplasty) is a much more invasive form of surgery that will certainly leave scars. A talented and experienced surgeon will be able to reduce the appearance of those scars. However, since the surgeon will be removing both fat and skin during the procedure, some scarring is inevitable. Arm lipo is nowhere near as invasive as an arm lift. They are two very different procedures. This is why patients prefer to opt for a liposuction procedure whenever possible. The size of the incision required for an arm lift is considerably larger than that required for lipo. Arm liposuction is, therefore, the surgery of choice for those who have the option. 

If You’re Making Incisions in My Arms, Surely, They’ll Scar?

Your surgeon will indeed make incisions when carrying out arm liposuction. But rest assured that those incisions are extremely small. Liposuction incisions are only large enough to allow a narrow cannula to pass through. Your surgeon will also carefully choose the right site for the incisions. He or she will select a well-hidden spot, so any scarring will be minimal and virtually unnoticeable. Often, the chosen sites will be on the back of the arm and by the elbow crease. Scarring here is extremely difficult to see. 

How Long Before the Scars Will Vanish Completely?

Everyone is different, and everyone’s skin heals at a different rate. For most people, arm lipo scars will be virtually unnoticeable within a month of surgery. For others, it may take a little longer for the scars to fade. However, as they are extremely small, they shouldn’t cause any self-esteem issues. 

How Can I Minimize Any Scarring?

You can minimize scarring from your arm lipo procedure by following your surgeon’s advice. Your surgeon will give you a list of recommendations to follow both before and after your procedure. You should take care to adhere to those recommendations as closely as possible. You should wear your compression garment as instructed and avoid strenuous exercise at first. This will help to protect the incision sites and ensure the stitches stay intact. 

Perhaps the most important thing to do to ensure minimal arm liposuction scars, however, is to choose the right surgeon. Make sure that you select a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon with proven expertise in the field. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Su is a pioneer in cutting-edge arm lipo techniques. You can depend on him to produce the best possible results with minimal scarring. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you.