Perhaps you were planning to wear a bikini on the beach this summer? Or maybe you wanted to wear a sleeveless dress to a special occasion? If you think your arms are too embarrassing to show, you could find liposuction for the arms the ideal solution. When women age, it’s quite normal to have drooping and excess fat in the underarm area. It can be difficult to eradicate this fat. Working out and dieting can have little effect. Therefore, more women keen to achieve slim and smooth arms are choosing to have lipo. Yet will liposuction of the arms be worth the cost?

The Two Primary Goals of Lipo of the Arms

There are two main reasons why women choose to have arm liposuction. 

The first is to restore self-confidence. If wearing sleeveless tops and dresses makes you feel self-conscious, lipo can help. It can restore the slim and toned appearance of your arms and help you feel beautiful again. This is a major reason for many women to have lipo.

The second is to give the arms a more proportional look. Rather than having flabby underarms, you can have slim arms that match the rest of your body. Since lipo eliminates a controllable amount of fat in specific areas, it’s ideal for the arms. By carefully removing fat from the underarm area, it’s possible to achieve a very precise and desirable outcome.

For many women, these reasons are enough to convince them that arm lipo is the best choice.

How Is Lipo of the Arms Carried Out?

Lipo of the arms is invasive, but it isn’t an especially complex process. Since a surgeon carries out the procedure under a local anesthetic, healing is quicker, and the outcome is good. A surgeon makes small incisions to allow a narrow cannula to pass through. Through this, the cannula sucks away and permanently removes excess fat. As a result, the muscles, nerves, capillaries, and skin remain intact. This reduces the chance of scarring greatly. You will also go home on the same day as you receive treatment. This means there is no extensive downtime to worry about or long-term scarring to spoil your appearance.

What Will Recovery Be Like?

The recovery from arm liposuction, in most cases, is straightforward. You won’t be able to drive for a few days. You’ll also need to remember to take painkillers and antibiotics if the surgeon prescribes them. You will probably also experience some pain at first, but this should be manageable with painkillers. You will also need to wear your compression garment as prescribed. Heavy lifting and extreme exercise will also be out of the question for around six weeks. 

Nevertheless, if you are patient and allow your body enough time to fully heal, you should have a trouble-free recovery. Usually, patients return to normal activities in about two weeks. This is quite a short recovery period that is well worth it for beautiful arms. 

Lipo of the Arms Produces Permanent Results

During liposuction, the surgeon permanently removes the excess fat cells. However, should you put on more weight, the fat may regrow. This may not be in the same part of the body. Therefore, you will need to live healthily after your procedure to maintain the results. You must eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, so your arms remain slim and toned.

To decide whether liposuction for the arms is the right choice for you, you’ll need to bear the above in mind. If you’re ready for some discomfort and some downtime, the aesthetic results may well be worth it.