Will My Arm Liposuction Results Be Affected If I Drink Alcohol?

If you’re planning to have arm liposuction, you’re making a major investment. Lipo is a costly treatment, so you want to ensure you’ll get the best possible result. While you might be keen to drink a toast to your new physique, it might not be a good idea. Alcohol could have a permanent effect on your arm liposuction results. A doctor will advise anyone having cosmetic surgery not to drink alcohol for a minimum of two weeks before surgery. However, the person may not be aware that he or she should also avoid drinking for two weeks after surgery. 

Surgery and alcohol are never a good combination. This applies to any type of surgery, including liposuction. Why is this the case? Here is our expert advice about why you shouldn’t enjoy a glass after your treatment.

Your Swelling May Be Worse

Swelling (sometimes called edema) is the body’s natural response to any trauma or injury. It is an inevitable component of the healing process. It may continue for several weeks and could even last for months.

Minimizing swelling is a priority for most patients. There are numerous ways in which a person can reduce swelling. Compression garments, elevation, and ice packs are all useful. However, avoiding alcohol both after and before surgery is also important. When you drink alcohol, your blood vessels become wider. This makes the body more likely to swell. Therefore, steering clear of liquor for the recommended period is always wise.

You May Bleed More

Alcohol thins the blood. This reduces the activity of the blood platelets and prevents them from coagulating properly. When you drink alcohol before or after your surgery, you’re more likely to bleed. Your body will also take longer to recover and heal. This will mean you’ll need to take more time off from daily activities.

You May Experience Drug Interactions

When you have liposuction, your doctor may prescribe you medications. These will lessen your discomfort after your procedure. If you combine those medications with alcohol, you could negatively affect your recovery. Even worse, you could negatively affect your health. 

Interference with the Anesthesia

If you drink before your liposuction, your anesthesiologist could struggle to give you the correct dose of anesthesia. Alcohol in the system before surgery makes it harder to estimate the right anesthetic dose. This means you may experience some discomfort. At an absolute minimum, you shouldn’t drink any alcohol for two full days before your lipo.

Risk of Dehydration

Since alcohol acts as a diuretic, it increases the risks of dehydration. Following your procedure, you will already be dehydrated. If you add alcohol shortly before or after surgery, your recovery could be more difficult. Some common dehydration symptoms include sleepiness, dry skin, dizziness, and headaches. When you experience these, as well as standard discomfort post-surgery, your recovery could be a miserable one.

Affected Tissue

If you consume too much alcohol after your liposuction, you may permanently damage your tissues. You may experience increased bruising and hematomas. You may also find that your skin fails to retract as well as it should. This could lead to an uneven or wrinkled result. 

When Can I Drink Again?

Avoiding drinking alcohol in the two weeks before and after your surgery is highly recommended. Although a single drink will probably not cause lasting problems, if you drink regularly, you could see impaired results. Every person wants her arm liposuction results to be everything she dreamed of. Therefore, taking your surgeon’s advice regarding alcohol consumption is always the best choice. Your surgeon knows best how to achieve the optimal outcome for you.

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