Liposuction of the arms is a form of plastic surgery to remove stubborn fat pockets on the upper arms. It can effectively remove bat wings and restore self-confidence. However, there’s a common concern regarding lipo on any area of the body – sagging or loose skin. If you’re having your bat wings removed by liposuction, you may be worried your arm skin will sag. 

Since lipo removes only fat, there is no skin removed during the procedure. Therefore, your skin can begin to sag following the surgery. Luckily, in most cases, while skin may be loose immediately after the procedure, it will often be temporary. With time, it should become taut and tight again.

Why Does Skin Sag After Liposuction?

Not all patients will experience sagging of their skin after lipo. Usually, lipo only removes a small amount of fat. Therefore, some people won’t see any difference in the tightness of their skin. Yet, even removing small amounts of fat causes some loosening of the skin to occur.

Loose skin that occurs after liposuction is a bit like loose skin that occurs following weight loss. Usually, the more quickly you shed the pounds and the more pounds you lose, the saggier the skin is. Liposuction will remove the fat in one go. This means the skin has no opportunity to shrink with time. Immediately after surgery, the loose skin may make you feel dissatisfied with the result. Yet, loose skin will almost always shrink in the months after the surgery.

What Affects Skin Sagging?

How severe the sagging of the skin is and how long it takes to return to tautness will depend on several factors. Younger patients are less at risk of experiencing permanently loose arm skin. If you already have loose arm skin because of weight loss, this may be more noticeable after surgery. Genetics also has a role in planning skin elasticity.

It’s hard to predict how well each patient’s skin is likely to react to the procedure. During your evaluation consultation, your surgeon will determine how elastic your skin is. This will help give him or her a good idea of whether sagging is likely after your procedure. He or she will also be able to offer you advice about how you can tighten your skin.

Improving Skin Elasticity

Minor sagging of the arm skin will almost certainly shrink on its own. However, some lifestyle changes may help to boost your skin’s elasticity. For example, drinking more water will help your skin’s health and improve its elasticity. Strength training exercises to target the arm area are helpful, too. Building muscle in that area fills in loose skin. 

Massage will improve blood circulation, and, again, this tightens the skin over time. Some skin tightening creams may also be beneficial. You should, however, avoid very hot showers and sun exposure for extended periods.

Surgical Options for Loose Arm Skin

If you’re extremely unhappy with loose skin on your arms after your liposuction, surgical options are available. A brachioplasty, otherwise known as an arm lift, removes the excess skin. Yet, it’s important to note that there will probably be some sagging immediately after the procedure. You need to follow your surgeon’s instructions for aftercare and wear your compression garment as advised. You also need to be patient for a few months to see the outcome of the surgery. If you don’t see your skin tightening up after a few months, you should consult your surgeon about possible solutions. 

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