Are There Multiple BBL Shapes?

Have you heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift? Many people know about the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) but may still be unaware that there are multiple shapes for a butt lift. Butt lifts and enhancements have become popular surgeries to enhance the bottom and make it look rounder. Yet, there’s no such thing as one type of BBL. Instead, there are different styles to choose from. Here, we look at some options for your enhancement procedure.

What Is A BBL?

The BBL procedure is a two-in-one surgery. It involves the surgeon removing excess fat from the body area via liposuction. The surgeon then treats the fat and purifies it before injecting it back into the buttocks. Afterward, your butt will eventually take a more pleasing shape. Which shape would be best for you? Your outcome all depends on the shape of your bottom pre-surgery.

V-Shaped Or Inverted

If you have an inverted or V-shaped bottom before surgery, you have a fuller abdomen and a flatter bottom. Essentially, it looks a little like an inverted triangle. Patients with this bottom often want a BBL to give their butt more volume. The procedure uses some extra thigh or abdominal fat to create a round or bubble-shaped butt.

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H or Square-Shaped Butt

Similar to the V-shape, an H-shaped butt is relatively flat while the abdomen is fuller. However, the bottom has a boxier appearance. The best post-BBL shape for this bottom shape is a heart shape. Surgeons achieve this shape by taking fat from the flanks and abdomen.

Heart-Shaped Butt

The heart-shaped bottom is conventionally attractive. Nevertheless, even people with this bottom shape may want a BBL to enhance their existing shape.

Round Butt

Sometimes called the bubble butt, a round bottom is curvy due to lots of volume and full hips. Patients with this butt shape often choose to enhance their bottoms, so they look even fuller.

Which Shapes Can Be Achieved With BBL Surgery?

If you decide to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, your surgeon may create two shapes. They include:

  • A heart-shaped bottom: This involves gentle hip curves and lots of bottom volume with a narrow waist and broader hips.
  • A bubble-shaped bottom: This is a dramatic look with a shapely and noticeably round bottom. The extra volume focuses on the middle and upper buttocks.

How Do I Know Which BBL Surgery Is Right For Me?

At your consultation for BBL surgery, your surgeon can examine you. They will tell you what  the best shape is for your bottom. Primarily, the right shape for your butt begins with its existing natural shape. Your surgeon can enhance the shape you already have. They can carry out fat harvesting in the right area to improve the appearance of your bottom even more.

To get the best outcome from your BBL surgery, you need to choose a skilled surgeon. Get in contact with the team at ArtLipo today. Our talented team can offer you a consultation and discuss your requirements with you. They can help you find the perfect BBL shape , and you will love your new look in no time at all.