Can I Swim After Breast Augmentation In Tampa?

If you’re planning to have breast augmentation in Tampa, you may wonder when to resume your favorite leisure activities. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, but can you enjoy it immediately after surgery? The simple answer to this question is no. You’re probably keen to show off your new body in a bathing suit, but you’ll have to wait a while. Here, we look at how long you need to wait before returning to the pool or beach.

Your Surgeon’s Advice

Your surgeon will tell you when you can return to your usual exercise regime after your surgery. Every woman has a different recovery time after breast augmentation. Nevertheless, you’re unlikely to get the green light to go swimming until around six weeks after surgery. The absolute minimum length of time you’ll need to wait is four weeks. Therefore, if you’re planning a beach vacation, you should schedule your surgery for a minimum of 1 month before.

Why Can’t I Go Swimming Immediately?

Like with every cosmetic surgery procedure, you need to wait until you’ve fully recovered from surgery before resuming regular activities. It’s essential to avoid sun exposure, strenuous physical activities, and exercise until your surgeon tells you that it’s ok. Before your incisions heal, you could develop an infection if you go swimming. Waterborne bacteria and microbes can enter the healing wound, which may negatively affect your surgery’s results. It could also harm your overall well-being and health.

Furthermore, swimming involves the use of your chest muscles. If you have unhealed incisions and you swim, you are placing strain on the incisions, as well as the skin surrounding them, which will further compromise the healing process.

Before four to six weeks after surgery, you can enter the water up to your waist. However, you must not submerge your incisions in the water. You must also liberally apply sunscreen since the incision sites are especially sensitive to the sun.

Can I Wear A Bikini After My Surgery?

You must wear a soft, supportive bra for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks after your surgery. That will allow the implants to settle. Most swimsuit tops don’t offer enough support, so you should avoid them. Underwired bikini tops could also cause irritation, slowing the healing process.

Can I Get My Incisions Wet?

Your surgeon will advise you to take a shower after 48 hours following your surgery. Until your incisions heal, though, you should avoid baths. Make sure you dry the incisions well after showering and apply a clean dressing as your surgeon instructs.

Are There Other Activities I Need To Avoid After Breast Implant Surgery?

You should avoid using a sauna or steam room for around eight weeks after your surgery. That will ensure your incisions have time to heal so you can prevent an infection. You should avoid strenuous exercise involving the chest muscles for at least a month. However, you can take walks to help your blood to circulate effectively. You should avoid driving for a couple of weeks after your surgery as well.

Your surgeon will give you full advice about everything to do and to avoid after your procedure. Contact the ArtLipo team now to arrange your consultation about breast augmentation in Tampa.