Will I Need to Replace My Breast Implants in Tampa?

If you’ve just received breast implants in Tampa, you may wonder if they’ll need replacing in the future. Many people believe that implants require replacement every ten years. Yet, that isn’t always the case. Nevertheless, it’s possible that implants will need replacing at some point. Here, we take a closer look at breast implant replacements and why you may need them.

Do Implants Require Replacement Every Decade?

Although there is a common belief that implants require replacement every decade, it’s unlikely that this is the case. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released a report in 2011 about silicone implant safety. This report revealed that after ten years of having silicone implants, a fifth of patients needed a revision procedure. That means 80% of patients did not require revision surgery at that time. With this report in mind, it’s clear you only need a replacement after ten years if you’re having a problem. Automatic replacement, therefore, isn’t necessary. Also, modern implants are more advanced and robust than those from 2011. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance that less than 20% of today’s patients will require replacement implants in 10 years’ time.

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How Will I Know If I Need Replacement Implants?

There are some key signs to look out for that will let you know that your implants need replacing. These include:

  • Capsular contracture. Some women find the scar around their breast implant becomes tight and hard. As a result, the breast migrates upwards toward the armpit, causing discomfort.
  • Rupture. If you have saline implants, a leak causes the implant to deflate, leaving the breast looking very different.
  • Position change. Gravity and time, together with weight fluctuations, cause the breasts to stretch and sag.
  • Rippling. Sometimes, implants develop ripples or wrinkles. If you feel or see wrinkling, you should replace or remove the implant.

Any of these signs indicate it’s time for a replacement, but they may occur before or after ten years.

You may, of course, decide you want your breasts to be a different size or shape after a few years. If you decide that you want a different size or shape of implant, you will need a replacement. Again, this could be before or after ten years.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Replace My Implants?

If there aren’t any leaks, ruptures, or complications, implants can stay in place indefinitely. Nothing untoward will happen! However, if there is an issue, you should have them replaced, or pain, scar tissue, and inflammation can form.

It’s also important to consider what happens over time to the body. The breasts change due to many different factors over time. If you lose or gain weight or become pregnant and give birth, your breasts will change in size and shape. Even the natural process of aging causes the breasts to change. Often, they begin to sag or droop as women get older. You may need replacement implants to restore the original result.

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