Can Surgery Fix a Drooping Breast?

Can surgery fix a drooping breast? That’s a question that many women ask as they get older or after they have children. After childbirth and breastfeeding, the breasts often start to sag and droop. As we age, the process of aging also causes the breasts to lose their perkiness. Yet, although sagging breasts are relatively normal, many women want to restore their youthful good looks. They long for their breasts to look firm and bouncy again. So, is surgery the only way to achieve this goal?

Why Do Breasts Sag?

There are several reasons why breasts may begin to sag. They include:

  • Aging – the ligaments stretch and become less elastic, compromising breast fullness.
  • Gravity – larger breasts will sag due to the pull of gravity.
  • Poor support – if women fail to wear a supportive enough bra for many years, their breasts can sag.
  • Smoking – smoking causes the breakdown of elastin fibers, making the skin less firm.
  • Sun exposure – sunburn and prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause skin damage and lost elasticity.
  • Weight gain and loss – weight fluctuations can cause the breasts to stretch and sag.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding – women’s breasts change size during pregnancy and breastfeeding, resulting in sagging.

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Are Drooping Breasts Medically Dangerous?

The good news is that drooping breasts aren’t medically dangerous. However, they aren’t especially attractive and can cause low self-esteem. Also, large drooping breasts can cause skin irritation due to rubbing and chafing. That can be painful and distressing and, in some cases, may even lead to skin infections.

Can Exercise Tighten Up My Breasts?

Unfortunately, exercise cannot tighten up the breasts. Breasts don’t contain muscle, so exercising can’t help you achieve firmer breasts. Exercise can tighten the muscles around the breasts, but that cannot stop dropping or sagging of the breasts themselves. Once the elastin fibers of the breasts are damaged, there is nothing that you can do naturally to help. Surgery is the only option.

Which Kind of Surgery Can Tighten Up the Breasts?

There are three types of surgery that can tighten up the breasts. The correct type of surgery for you will depend on your symptoms.

The first option is a breast lift. This surgery is ideal for women who like the size of their breasts but not the sagging. The procedure restores perkiness to the breasts and improves their shape while retaining their size.

The second option is a breast reduction. This surgery is ideal for women who have very large and sagging breasts. The procedure makes the breasts smaller and reduces dropping to create a tighter look.

The third option is breast implants. This surgery is ideal for women who have small but drooping breasts. This surgery adds volume to the breasts, so they look firmer and less saggy.

To determine which type of breast surgery is best for you, contact the ArtLipo team. As experts in the field of cosmetic surgery, you can rely on us to offer you excellent advice. We can arrange a consultation for you so you can undergo an examination. We can then determine which surgery is best to fix your drooping breast.