Cankles are a surprisingly common problem among women of all ages. Women of all sizes can also be sufferers. Even those who are very slim can still find they lack definition in their lower legs. Cankles are a rather unflattering term to describe when the ankle and calf appear to merge. Those who find their lower legs less than perfect often look for an effective solution. While the usual option is to try diet and exercise, this is rarely effective. It’s no wonder, then, that ankle liposuction is becoming increasingly popular. But, can any surgeon carry out this procedure? 

What Is Ankle Lipo?

Liposuction of the ankle is a surgical procedure that involves sucking the excess fat cells from the affected area. A doctor carries it out by giving a patient a local anesthetic. This allows her to stay awake and alert during the surgery but experience no discomfort or pain. The surgeon, then, makes small incisions in the lower leg area. He or she, then, insert cannulas, which are thin tubes, into the incisions, and sucks out the excess fat cells.

Liposuction permanently removes the fat cells so they cannot return to the same place. This means that it can achieve excellent results when carried out by a skilled surgeon. When done well, ankle lipo can remove the optimal amount of fat from the cankle area. It can produce a slimmer and more toned appearance for the lower leg. When patients follow the guidelines they receive, the results can be long-lasting and very attractive.

Who Can Perform Ankle Liposuction?

Patients need to be aware of a few things when choosing a surgeon for their ankle lipo. The most important thing to know is that, technically, any surgeon can perform this procedure. As long as the surgeon is qualified and licensed, he or she can carry out liposuction on any body part. However, just because a surgeon can perform lipo does not necessarily mean he or she can do it well. Liposuction is a specialized skill. It requires extensive training and expertise. Surgeons who lack that background cannot produce the optimal result. This is why only a specialized cosmetic surgeon with years of experience and training should perform ankle lipo.

Why Choose A Liposuction Specialist?

When you come to a liposuction specialist for your procedure, you can rest assured you’re in the best hands. It isn’t easy to remove fat cells evenly to produce a smooth and sculpted look. This is especially the case when considering the lower leg area. Some surgeons refuse to operate on this part of the body. This is because it’s notoriously difficult to remove fat from around the curve of the leg evenly. 

The ankle has a 360-degree curve. This makes it hard to get a toned look while also removing the maximum amount of fat. Only a talented and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon can achieve the desired effect. 

A surgeon who is not a liposuction specialist may refuse to work on the lower leg at all. If he or she does agree to operate, the surgeon may take a very conservative approach to fat removal. This means that the outcome is far from the desired effect. There may be limited fat reduction and minimal muscle definition. The patient is unlikely to be impressed by the result. 

Conversely, a talented liposuction specialist has the necessary abilities and training to do the job to the optimal effect. He or she will know how to remove the maximum amount of fat smoothly to produce an even result around the leg. He or she will also know how to produce the most sculpted and defined look. As a result, the patient is more likely to be delighted with the outcome of his or her procedure. 

Why Choose Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery?

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to say that we are specialists in the art of liposuction. Dr. Su, our resident expert, has years of experience and is a pioneer in the industry. He is extremely well-respected for the innovative techniques that set him apart from the crowd. 

Dr. Su has pioneered a technique known as active liposuction. This involves the patient moving and tensing her muscles during the procedure. Since Dr. Su carries out the operation under a local anesthetic, this is possible. This allows him to remove the maximum amount of fat and to achieve an excellent definition of the calf muscle. The result is a leg that is sculpted, slim, and beautiful, with a smooth and even finish.

Although any surgeon can perform lipo, you should always make sure you’ve chosen a specialist in the field. If you’re considering having ankle liposuction, contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Su can help you to achieve the beautifully slim and toned lower leg you’ve been dreaming of. With his expertise and artistic abilities, he can restore your self-confidence and self-esteem.