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Can I Get Liposuction On My Arms?

Most people associate liposuction with the stomach or thighs. However, these days, it’s possible to get liposuction on the arms too. Not all surgeons offer arm liposuction, and those who do, don’t always produce the same results. Nevertheless, a skilled and experienced surgeon can produce excellent outcomes for patients with large arms. The latest arm liposuction techniques are effective, helping patients to achieve slimmer, more contoured arms.

How Does Liposuction Create a Slimmer Silhouette?

Liposuction is an effective treatment that permanently removes fat cells. Surgeons perform this procedure with the patient under a local anesthetic. They make tiny incisions in the patient’s arms. They then pass a narrow cannula through those incisions, using it to break up the fat. They suction out the fat cells, then use the cannula to sculpt the remaining fat to create a beautiful shape. If the patient commits to living a long-term healthy lifestyle, the result of the procedure is permanent.

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Can All Cosmetic Surgeons Treat the Arms with Liposuction?

It’s possible to achieve excellent results for patients when treating the arms with liposuction. However, not all cosmetic surgeons will treat this area of the body. During training, cosmetic surgeons learn to take a conservative approach to treating the arms. A common misconception is that taking too much fat from the arms results in loose skin. However, that isn’t the case in the hands of an experienced, talented surgeon.

Nevertheless, some surgeons refuse to treat the arms at all for this reason. Others will only treat the underhang, which produces poor results. Surgeons who only treat this small area of the arms can only remove a tiny percentage of the excess fat. Therefore, afterward, patients see minimal improvement in the appearance of their arms.

Still, a skilled and experienced surgeon with the right expertise can remove up to 90% of the excess arm fat. They can produce a slim, toned upper arm with excellent muscle definition.

Which Part of The Arm Does a Surgeon Treat with Liposuction? 

When treating the arm with liposuction, surgeons only treat the upper arm. The lower arm remains untreated. However, a skilled surgeon can treat the entire circumference of the upper arm, including the shoulder. That means they can remove the maximum amount of fat for a very complete outcome.

What Is 360 Degree Lipo of The Arm?

The term “360-degree lipo” refers to a procedure in which the surgeon treats the entire circumference of a body part. Most often, surgeons use this term to refer to treating the body’s midsection. However, it’s possible to carry out 360-degree lipo of the arms too.

When surgeons perform 360-degree liposuction of the arm, they treat every part of the upper arm. They remove fat from the sides, top, underhang, and also the shoulder area. That makes 360-degree lipo of the arm very different from standard arm lipo. Thanks to the comprehensive nature of this procedure, it removes up to 90% of excess arm fat. That compares with only around 30-50% of arm fat during regular arm lipo.

Celebrity Arms Liposuction is the most effective 360-degree arm lipo procedure available. Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is the pioneer of this impressive treatment. It involves the patient moving and tensing their muscles during the surgery. That allows Dr. Su to sculpt the fat as closely to the arm muscles as possible. The outcomes he achieves for patients are truly impressive. You can see before and after images in our photo gallery.

Does Arm Liposuction Make My Arms Look Toned?

If you have toned arm muscles before undergoing arm lipo surgery, they’ll look more toned after the procedure. The more toned your muscles, the more impressive the outcome will be. However, it’s important to note that liposuction only removes fat. It doesn’t change the muscular structure beneath the layer of fat. If you have developed arm muscles, when the surgeon removes the fat, those muscles become more visible. If you don’t have developed arm muscles, your arm will look slimmer, and the muscle outline will be more visible.

Nevertheless, your arm won’t look significantly toned. You could rectify this by working out in the gym once your arm heals after the procedure. Alternatively, if you want to have toned-looking arms, work on developing your arm muscles first before undergoing surgery.

Where Can I Get 360 Lipo of The Arms?

Not every cosmetic surgeon offers 360 lipo of the arms. It’s therefore essential to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who offers this procedure. Only Dr. Su at ArtLipo offers the Celebrity Arms Technique. This cutting-edge technique represents the best possible arm liposuction procedure available today. It removes the maximum amount of fat and creates beautifully contoured arms for patients. Even better, it can produce an impressive degree of skin tightening, even for those with moderate arm skin laxity.

To find out more about liposuction on the arms, contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo to arrange a consultation.

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