Many people think that arm liposuction is just for people who are overweight. Yet, this isn’t the case at all. Lipo on any part of the body is most successful if patients are close to their ideal body weights. Someone within 30 pounds of his or her perfect body weight has a better recovery and a more contoured outcome. Although lipo is effective on larger people, that doesn’t mean surgeons won’t consider already slim people.

Lipo is particularly effective when carried out on people who are slim and fit. This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s important to remember that lipo isn’t a weight loss treatment. Lipo will sculpt and contour the chosen area of your body. However, it won’t make you shed pounds. This is why it’s most effective on those who have small areas that could benefit from toning up. It can achieve a targeted effect in troublesome parts of the body that have been resistant to exercise and dieting. It’s the perfect way to add the finishing touch to a beautiful and slim physique.

Don’t Only Big People Have Liposuction? 

While most of us think heavier people undergo lipo to remove their stubborn fat, this isn’t always true. Some of Dr. Su’s patients are overweight. Yet, many are their ideal weights but still have unwanted fatty deposits. When you lose weight, there’s no guarantee you’ll lose it evenly across your body. This means certain areas can retain accumulated fat even when the rest of the body is slim. The upper arms are one such area prone to accumulating excess fat. Even with a healthy diet and lots of targeted exercise, it’s impossible to reduce fat. Therefore, if you’re prone to batwings, they’ll persist stubbornly. You could be a size 6, but still be unhappy with your large arms. This is where arm lipo can be so beneficial. It will target these stubborn areas and improve their appearance. This restores self-confidence and makes you look slimmer and more contoured all over. 

Fit People Can Have Lipo, Too

Despite their slender physiques, some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood have been having liposuction for years. Although few of them will admit to having the procedure, it’s well-known that they have lipo to remove stubborn fat. Most big-name stars are slim and toned already. Yet, liposuction enables them to improve their contours even more for a red carpet look.

Are you an active person who is struggling to get rid of excess fat with exercise and diet? Then lipo is a great solution. You may be very slim but still have batwings that you would like to get rid of. You would be an excellent candidate for arm liposuction since you would be at your ideal weight and already fit. This would lower your risk of complications after surgery and the best outcome. You are also more likely to have good skin that will bounce back after the procedure. 

What Should I Know About Lipo If I’m Thin?

It’s important to be aware that liposuction isn’t a pain-free procedure. It can also be trickier on a slim person than an overweight one. When you choose Artlipo, though, you can be sure that you’ll be in skilled and experienced hands. Dr. Su has extensive expertise in the field and can produce excellent results on slim patients. His Celebrity Arms technique is especially beneficial for slim patients with batwings. It can permanently remove the fat cells from this troublesome area where people cannot shed the weight without help.

It’s especially important to choose the right surgeon if you are very slim and want lipo. You need to choose a skilled doctor who knows how to achieve a very complete, sculpted result. The good news is that if you choose Artlipo, you’ll be making an excellent choice. Dr. Su pioneers the active lipo technique. Unlike other types of tumescent liposuction, active lipo involves moving during the procedure. While under a local anesthetic, Dr. Su will ask you to change positions and tense your muscles. This allows for a complete fat removal rather than the conservative approach favored by many other surgeons. When treating a slim patient, this kind of complete fat removal is vital to achieving a truly sculpted result.

Arranging Your Surgery

If you’re ready to arrange your arm liposuction, call Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. Our friendly and experienced team is on hand to answer all your questions. We can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We can also arrange a consultation appointment with Dr. Su. He will be able to examine you and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for lipo. You can be confident of the best possible outcome that will give you the slim arms you’ve dreamed of.