Many people come to Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery looking for a way to improve the appearance of their legs. Cankles are an extremely common problem that many women seek to address. The lack of definition between the ankle and calf often causes embarrassment and self-esteem issues in sufferers. Diet and exercise are rarely effective in reducing the fat that builds up in this area. Very slim women can be sufferers, and it affects people of all ages. It is no surprise, then, that questions about calf liposuction are on the rise.

There is a general belief that liposuction is not something surgeons can carry out on the lower leg. Most people associate the procedure with the thigh and upper leg. So, can a surgeon perform a calf lipo? Or, is the procedure only for the thigh? 

Liposuction of the Thighs

Usually, surgery to reduce fat in the legs is most effective in the thigh. Surgeons often carry out lipo on the inner thigh and outer thigh areas. They also often carry it out on the “banana roll” area of the buttocks. Sometimes, surgeons do it around the knee. This can help to improve the appearance of larger legs. Lipo can help to make the upper legs look slimmer and more toned. But can it achieve the same effect on the lower leg?

Is Calf Lipo Commonly Performed?

Although plastic surgeons regularly practice thigh sculpting, many infrequently perform ankle and calf liposuction. Because of their genetics, some women have thick calves. While you can liposuction fat away, you cannot do that with muscle. There are surgical treatments to remove excess muscle. However, these can be complicated, and they come with risks. 

Some cosmetic surgeons refuse to carry out liposuction on the lower leg. It is difficult to produce a smooth and even result when removing fat from this area. This is because of the curve of the leg. It can be hard to remove the fat evenly without lumpiness because of this factor. For this reason, some plastic surgeons suggest dieting and exercising instead. However, these are rarely effective. Often, these exercises reduce fat over the body as a whole, but the legs remain stubbornly fat.

Plastic surgeons are often conservative if they do treat the lower leg. They only remove a very small amount of fat. This, therefore, rarely produces the result the patient desires. 

Could I Have Liposuction of The Calves?

If you are keen to have liposuction of your calves, you need to find a specialist. Not every plastic surgeon will perform the procedure or can perform it to the optimal level. Therefore, it is necessary for you to do some research.

You must find a cosmetic surgeon with the expertise to carry out calf lipo to the highest level. Not only must you find a surgeon who’s willing to perform the procedure, but he or she must have experience. Finding a surgeon who has the essential skills and artistic abilities necessary to produce a good result is challenging. Luckily, Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery has the answer.

Artlipo for Calf Lipo

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we are proud to have Dr. Su onboard as our resident liposuction expert. With years of experience and enhanced skills, he is highly trained in the field. Not only does he have artistic abilities that ensure a sculpted and beautiful result, but he is also a pioneer. He has developed a cutting-edge technique that guarantees the best possible outcome for patients. His active lipo technique allows complete fat removal for the most toned and slim appearance.

When Dr. Su carries out calf lipo, the patient is awake and under a local anesthetic. Although the patient experiences no discomfort during the surgery, he or she is alert at all times. This ensures that the patient can move as instructed throughout the procedure. Dr. Su will ask the patient to tense and move his or her muscles as he removes the excess fat cells. As a result, he can remove even more fat effectively. The outcome is also more even and smooth around the whole 360-degree curve of the leg. This is something a surgeon cannot achieve effectively without the active lipo procedure.

On the Artlipo website, you can view before and after photographs of Dr. Su’s calf liposuction patients. This will enable you to see the excellent results he can achieve. If you’re ready to arrange your consultation, contact our expert team today. We are here to help you get the lower legs you have always dreamed of. Thanks to Dr. Su’s expertise, you have the best chance of an excellent outcome. You will see your self-esteem and self-confidence restored, and you’ll be wearing short skirts before you know it!