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Can Lipedema Be Reversed?

Lipedema is a progressive condition that only worsens over time. As such, you can’t reverse it by any natural means. Some articles online claim to reverse the effects of lipedema by switching to a ketogenic diet. While diet has some role in managing the condition, it cannot reverse it. Once you have lipedema fat, you can’t eliminate it naturally. Surgery represents the only way to get rid of lipedema fat.


What Causes Lipedema?


The exact cause of lipedema remains unknown. However, experts now believe that there are two fundamental causes. The first is genetics, and the second is hormones.

Lipedema tends to run in families. If your mother, sister, or other close female relative has the condition, you’re likely to have it too. For this reason, experts believe there is a genetic link.


Lipedema almost exclusively occurs in biological females. It tends to arise or worsen when they are experiencing hormonal change, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. For that reason, experts believe there is a hormonal connection.


As experts remain uncertain about the cause of lipedema, it isn’t surprising that it’s hard to diagnose.

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Is There a Cure for Lipedema?


Unfortunately, as yet, there is no cure available for lipedema. There are, however, treatments that can help patients to manage their condition. Patients have two options when it comes to treatments. They can either opt for a conservative or surgical approach.


Conservative treatments include manual lymphatic drainage and compression, together with lifestyle changes. The surgical option involves liposuction.


Neither treatment option can cure lipedema. But both can help by relieving the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. In the case of surgery, liposuction actually addresses the cause of the problem – the diseased fat. That ensures longer-lasting relief from the pain and mobility issues associated with the condition.


Can Eating a Ketogenic Diet Reverse Lipedema?


There is a school of thought that believes eating a ketogenic diet can reverse lipedema. That isn’t exactly true. Once the lipedema fat is there, it doesn’t go away through diet and exercise like regular fat.


However, some women with lipedema follow the keto diet and find it helpful as it helps them manage obesity. Obesity is one of the common side effects of lipedema that is especially difficult to cope with. It becomes harder to exercise as the disease progresses due to the pain and mobility issues that arise. As a result, sufferers tend to become obese while also suffering from the accumulation of lipedema fat.


The keto diet severely restricts carbohydrate intake while consuming more healthy fats. The Atkins Diet is one example of a ketogenic diet. This way of eating can help to reduce obesity as the body burns fat instead of carbs for energy.


Can Any Diet Reverse Lipedema?


Although some people believe that eating the right diet can reverse lipedema, that isn’t the case. Nevertheless, eating a healthy diet can help to prevent obesity which is a common side-effect of lipedema. It can also help to improve sufferers’ overall health and well-being.


Some women find that following a low-glycemic diet can help to reduce inflammation and swelling. It can also help them to maintain a healthier body weight. A low-glycemic diet is high in certain fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy protein.


Some women also limit their consumption of fatty meat, citrus fruits, and dairy items. They find that these foods exacerbate their inflammation. Some sufferers follow the RAD diet to reduce their fluid retention and inflammation. The RAD Diet (Rare Adipose Disorder Diet) avoids refined sugar and highly processed foods. Its aim is to aid the function of the lymphatic system. Those who follow the diet avoid consuming dairy products, fatty meats, simple sugars, and carbohydrates. They also avoid eating salty and highly processed foods, wheat, and processed flour products.


None of these eating plans can reverse the progress of lipedema. However, some sufferers find that their diet can improve the symptoms they experience.


Can Surgery Reverse Lipedema?


Liposuction surgery is the gold standard treatment for lipedema. It removes the lipedema fat and, along with it, the pain and mobility issues it causes. Following liposuction, patients benefit from more effortless movement, reduced discomfort, and a more proportionate body shape. As a result, they enjoy a better quality of life overall.


Liposuction doesn’t reverse lipedema as such. It simply gets rid of some of the lipedema fat. The disease continues to progress but at a slower rate. But patients enjoy long-term relief from their worst symptoms. As the surgery restores a more proportionate body shape, patients also feel less self-conscious and have improved self-esteem.


To find out more about surgery for lipedema, you need to seek out a skilled and experienced surgeon. Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is an excellent choice. Arrange your consultation now to get a diagnosis and effective treatment. 

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