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Does Arm Liposuction Work?

If you’re asking, Does arm liposuction work,” you are probably dissatisfied with the appearance of your arms. Arm lipo is an increasingly popular surgery to slim the arms; and it can be very effective. Arm liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat on the upper arms. In arm liposuction, the surgeon is removing fat from this problem area. However, the amount of fat the surgeon removes and the quality of the result will vary. To achieve the best possible arm liposuction result, you need to seek out a highly skilled surgeon.

What Does Arm Liposuction Involve?

Surgeons perform arm liposuction under a local anesthetic. That means you will be awake during the surgery but in no pain. The surgeon will make tiny incisions in the arm. They will pass a narrow tube into the incisions, break up the fat, then suction it out. A skilled surgeon will then sculpt the remaining fat to create a pleasing and attractive contour.

Traditionally, surgeons only treat the underhang of the arm. They learn that treating other areas, such as the top and sides, results in loose skin. In fact, that isn’t the case. A skilled surgeon can treat the entire circumference of the arm without causing loose, baggy skin.

Unfortunately, many surgeons restrict themselves to the conservative approach. As a result, patients often feel underwhelmed by the outcome they experience. Only treating the underhang means that the surgeon only removes a small percentage of fat. Patients often think that their arms are still more prominent than they hoped after their procedure.

However, when a surgeon treats the entire circumference of the arm, the result is far more impressive. They can remove up to 90% of the excess arm fat. That is why it’s imperative to seek out the right surgeon to perform the surgery.

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Will Treating the Underhang Give Me Slim Arms?

Whether treating only the underhang will give you slim arms will depend on how much excess arm fat you have. It will also depend on where the excess fat is. If you have a miniscule amount of fat on the arm’s underside, only treating the underhang may work. That is rarely the case, though. Usually, patients have excess fat all around the arm. A surgeon, therefore, needs to treat the arm in the complete 360-degree circumference of the arm in order to achieve the maximum slimming effect.

Can Surgeons Offer 360 Lipo for the Arms?

A 360-degree lipo is certainly possible for the arms, but most surgeons don’t offer this treatment. The 360-degree lipo procedure involves treating the entire circumference of the body part. In the case of arm liposuction, it means treating the top, bottom, sides, and front of the arm. It also involves treating the shoulder area. The 360 lipo procedure produces a far more complete result for patients. It removes the maximum amount of fat to produce the slimmest and most toned appearance.

What Is the Celebrity Arms Technique?

Dr. Su at ArtLipo offers the Celebrity Arms technique to treat his patients. This procedure produces the most complete fat removal possible. Not only does Dr. Su treat the entire circumference of the arm, but he also requires the patient to participate. His Active Lipo technique involves the patient moving and tensing their muscles during surgery. That enables him to sculpt the fat more closely to the muscle. As a result, he can remove up to 90% of the excess farm fat. It reveals the contours of the muscle for a beautifully toned appearance. An added advantage of the Celebrity Arms technique is that it produces a skin-tightening effect too. Patients experience no wrinkling or sagging of their arm skin. They can benefit from taut, toned, and slim upper arms that look like they belong on the red carpet!

Can I Have Celebrity Arms Liposuction?

Many women find that they are good candidates for Celebrity Arms liposuction. If a patient has excess fat on their upper arms, it can produce excellent results for them. To have this surgery, though, you must be in good overall health and close to your ideal weight. You must also be willing to avoid smoking and vaping and follow the surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery.

Dr. Su can achieve excellent results on patients with all sizes of arms. He can also produce a good result for patients with a moderate level of skin laxity. Often, surgeons tell women that they require a brachioplasty or arm lift. Many of them find that the Celebrity Arms procedure works for them. In cases where patients have very loose skin, a brachioplasty may be necessary.

Want to find out more about the Celebrity Arms procedure? You can find out whether you’re a suitable candidate by getting in touch with Dr. Su at ArtLipo. You can arrange a consultation to find out whether Celebrity Arm Liposuction will work for you.

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