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Does Arm Liposuction Work?

Having thoughts about doing something about your arms, but you’re worried about the results? If a skilled and experienced surgeon carries out arm liposuction, the procedure will work. Arm liposuction is an effective way to spot reduce fat in the upper arms, because it permanently removes the unwanted fat cells. The arms then look slimmer and more attractive.

It’s important to choose the right cosmetic surgeon, though. Most cosmetic surgeons don’t perform arm liposuction, because they’re taught not to treat the arms with lipo, as the arms are hard to treat properly. The natural curve of the arm makes it difficult to get a smooth and even result. Also, the tissues are fibrous, which makes them challenging to treat.

The cosmetic surgeons who do perform arm liposuction often only treat the arms conservatively. Usually, they only treat the underhang of the arm, and they only remove a small amount of the excess fat. Because surgeons only remove a small amount of fat, the outcome might not be what the patients expect, and they may be disappointed. Only an arm liposuction specialist can achieve a complete result.

How Does An Arm Liposuction Specialist Treat The Arms?

If you want a great experience with arm liposuction, you may want to seek out a specialist. An arm liposuction specialist can achieve a very complete result. They don’t just treat the underhang of the arm but the sides, top and shoulder area too. By using innovative techniques, they can remove as much as 80% or 90% of the fat from the arm.

Active liposuction is a pioneering technique that is very effective in treating the arms. The patient moves and tenses their muscles during the procedure, which allows the surgeon to sculpt the fat very close to the muscle. The result is a slim and toned arm with outstanding muscle definition.

What Does Arm Liposuction Involve?

Surgeons perform arm liposuction under a local anaesthetic. The patient remains alert and awake throughout their surgery. Even though patients are awake, they won’t feel any discomfort or pain. The surgeon makes small incisions in the arm and then (s)he passes a narrow cannula through the incisions to break up the fat and suction it out. Then, the surgeon removes the fat cells permanently. The surgeon can then sculpt the arm to achieve a slim, taut, and toned shape.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Arm Liposuction?

Patients usually go home on the same day as having arm liposuction. They must then rest at home for a few days. Once this early period has passed, they can then begin to be more active again. They can do some light exercise but they should avoid heavy lifting, raising the arms too high, and strenuous exercise. The surgeon will give advice about when a patient can resume exercise. Patients must also wear a compression garment on their arms after surgery. The surgeon will advise about how and when to wear this garment.

Immediately after surgery, there will be bruising, swelling and pain, which should quickly subside. Within six weeks, patients should see some of the results of their surgery; however, it can take as long as six months or more to see the complete results.

Do The Results Of Arm Liposuction Last Forever?

Arm liposuction removes the fat cells from the arms permanently. While the fat cells cannot return, the remaining fat cells may get larger. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle after arm liposuction. Patients must continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly in the long term. If they don’t do this, they could gain weight, which could lead to the remaining fat cells expanding. The fat may not return in the same place. It could appear elsewhere on the body or in a different part of the arm, which could create a disproportionate look. It may mean that the patient requires more surgery in the future to restore the arm’s slim appearance. If patients maintain a healthy body weight in the long term, they will maintain the results of their surgery. Patients who maintain their diet and exercise routine will continue to have slim, taut, and toned arms.

Does Arm Liposuction Come With Any Risks?

There are risks involved in having any kind of surgery. Arm liposuction is no exception. All types of surgery carry risks of bleeding, bruising, and swelling. You can expect to experience these risks after arm liposuction. There are some other risks to be aware of too. These include:

  • Indentations
  • Dark or light skin pigmentation
  • Contour irregularities
  • Skin and nerve damage
  • Scarring

Fortunately, these risks are minimal. If you choose an experienced and skilled surgeon, you minimize these risks.

Can Anyone Have Arm Liposuction?

Not everyone can benefit from arm liposuction. If you’re pregnant, have a severe heart problem or suffer from a blood clotting disorder, you shouldn’t have arm lipo. You should also avoid any kind of liposuction if you have an immune system disorder, circulation problems, or diabetes. You should be at or close to your ideal body weight to have any kind of liposuction. If you are more than a few pounds overweight, you should lose weight before having this surgery.

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