How Do I Manage the Pain My Lipedema Symptoms Cause?

Lipedema symptoms may start quite mildly, but they can become significantly worse over time. Eventually, it can become increasingly difficult to cope with the pain the symptoms cause. If you’re struggling to know how to manage, here is some expert advice.

What Symptoms Are Associated With Lipedema?

Lipedema presents with several common symptoms. These include:

  • Trunk like legs
  • Symmetrical swelling of the lower body
  • Fat nodules under the skin
  • Pain or tenderness on touching the affected areas
  • Disproportionate upper and lower body
  • Mobility issues due to heaviness, rubbing, and pain

Since many of these symptoms are painful and uncomfortable to live with, knowing how to manage the pain is vital.

Try The RAD Diet

Some patients with lipedema find that the RAD diet helps them. The RAD diet (or Rare Adipose Disorder diet) helps to slow down the disease progression. It can also help to control the painful swelling.

The RAD diet is rich in heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory foods. It avoids refined grains, sugars, and any chemically modified fats. Although switching to this diet cannot cure lipedema, it may assist with relieving some of the worst symptoms.

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Take Low-Impact Exercise

Doctors tell patients with lipedema to take low-impact exercise every day. The purpose of this is to boost lymph flow and alleviate pressure and pain in the legs. Walking, hiking, swimming, biking, yoga, and water aerobics are all good exercise choices for people with this condition. While exercise can be helpful, it can be challenging for those with advanced lipedema. Patients often experience reduced mobility.

Wear Compression Garments

Wearing well-fitting compression garments stimulates lymph flow and prevents blockage and build up that causes pain. Wearing compression garments is one of the most common conservative treatment options for lipedema. While they may help to relieve some swelling and pain, they can be hot and uncomfortable to wear.


Manual lymphatic drainage encourages lymph flow and prevents blockages while relieving tenderness and swelling. Research shows that a combination of MLD and wearing compression garments helps relieve some pain and swelling.

Care For Your Nails And Skin

When you care for your nails and skin, you are less at risk of wounds and infections. It’s important to maintain good hygiene when you receive a lipedema diagnosis.

Liposuction – A Long-Lasting Solution

The above options are all conservative treatments. They can only address the condition’s symptoms, not the cause. While some patients find them helpful, they are not a long-lasting solution. The disease continues to progress and worsen over time.

Liposuction is the only available long-lasting solution. It addresses the cause of the condition – the diseased fat that causes pain and discomfort. Liposuction for lipedema removes the diseased fat permanently from the body. It creates a more proportionate body shape and improves mobility for patients. It also decreases pain significantly and restores the quality of life for sufferers.

Finding a specialist to treat lipedema symptoms with liposuction is critical, and Dr. Su at ArtLipo is an excellent choice. Contact us today to find out more.