What Do Cankles Look Like and Do I Have Them?

If you’re asking, “what do cankles look like?” there’s a possibility you may have them.  They are certainly a relatively common problem. Cankles are specifically a female problem,  and they are often a cause of poor self-esteem. While cankles aren’t actually a medical condition, they are unsightly. In the modern world, where there is such a strong emphasis on perfection, having cankles can cause low confidence. If you’re not happy with how your lower legs look, there’s a good chance you have cankles. Here, we examine what they look like so you can determine whether you are a sufferer.

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A Definition of Cankles

Everyone knows that having slim and tapered ankles is the ideal. We all see images of celebrities on the red carpet with gorgeous, shapely lower legs. It isn’t surprising that we all want to achieve the same look. We certainly don’t usually see celebrities with cankles. The term “cankles” rose to prominence after the release of the movie “Shallow Hal.”  The Hal character used the word to describe the legs of his love interest, who was somewhat overweight. Essentially, the term “cankles” is a mix of two words – calves and ankles. It described the merging of these two parts of the lower leg into one shapeless trunk. Someone with cankles lacks definition between their ankle and calf. As a result, they may have a swollen or full appearance above their foot.

I’m Slim, Can I Have Cankles?

There is a common misconception that only overweight women suffer from cankles; however, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, women of all shapes and sizes can have cankles. Even if you have slim legs, you may lack definition between your calves and ankles. This lack of definition can spoil the appearance of otherwise slim and attractive limbs. Clearly, losing weight won’t help a slim woman improve the appearance of cankles.

Can Losing Weight Improve Cankles in Overweight Women?

Of course, we see many cases of cankles in overweight women. Obesity is one of the possible reasons for developing cankles. Obesity-related cankles are easier to eradicate. Losing weight and increasing levels of physical activity can slim down the legs. It can also create a better definition for the ankle and calf. As a result, simply shedding a few pounds may resolve the issue. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that this course of action will work. Some overweight women lose a significant amount of fat and find they still have cankles. That could be because spot reduction of fat is impossible. Therefore, even dropping a few dress sizes can leave the legs large overall. In addition, persistent cankles may be because the cause of the lack of lower leg definition is genetic.

Genes Can Cause Cankles

For many women, their genes are the reason for their cankles. If a parent had “thick” ankles, there’s a chance you’ll have them too. No amount of exercise or dieting can help in such cases. Surgery is the only way to resolve genetically-caused cankles. Calf and ankle liposuction can help. It involves the surgical removal of excess fat, creating a shapely and attractive lower leg. Contact ArtLipo today to get the answer to your question “what do cankles look like” and arrange your appointment.

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