Where Can I Find The Best Arm Liposuction Doctor?

Finding the best arm liposuction doctor is essential if you want to achieve optimal results from your procedure. Although it may sound simple to find a cosmetic surgeon to perform your arm liposuction, that isn’t always the case. In fact, many surgeons here in the US will not perform lipo on the upper arms, because it is an especially challenging area to treat. The arms are difficult to treat because the tissue is especially fibrous, and the curve of the arm makes achieving a smooth and even result difficult. 

Those surgeons who do offer arm liposuction are unlikely to be specialists in the field. Typically, they only remove a small percentage of the arm fat. Their training teaches cosmetic surgeons to treat only the underhang of the arm. However, fat accumulates around the entire circumference of the arm. There is fat on the top and sides of the arm as well as underneath it. If surgeons only treat the underhang, the remainder of the arm and shoulder remains stubbornly large, which often leaves patients feeling disappointed and dissatisfied. 

Finding an excellent surgeon who has exceptional skill and experience in this field is imperative if you want a great result for your arms. 

How Is An Arm Liposuction Specialist Different?

Unlike other cosmetic surgeons, an arm liposuction specialist has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. They have performed many arm lipo surgeries, and they know the most effective techniques to achieve a complete result. Unfortunately, there are very few arm liposuction specialists out there.

Here at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, we are fortunate to have a specialist in the field on staff. Dr. Su is an extremely skilled and highly experienced liposuction specialist who has pioneered impressive techniques. His Celebrity Arms procedure is extremely popular with women all over the country, as well as from overseas. 

Why Is Dr. Su The Best Choice For Arm Liposuction?

Most cosmetic surgeons only remove a fraction of the fat on the upper arms when carrying out liposuction. Dr. Su, meanwhile, removes as much as 90% of the excess fat, because he takes an incredibly complete approach to liposuction. 

Instead of only treating the arm’s underhang, he treats its entire circumference. This 360-degree lipo technique addresses fat on the top, sides, and underhang, as well as the shoulder area. He also uses his innovative Active Lipo technique. The Active Lipo technique involves the patient actively participating in their surgery, moving and tensing their muscles as instructed. This technique allows him to sculpt the fat very close to the muscle so that he can achieve beautiful definition.

Arranging Your Appointment

Browse through the images in our before and after photo gallery to see the fantastic results Dr. Su has achieved. We’re confident that what you see will impress you. If you’d like to find out more about whether Dr. Su can help you achieve beautiful arms, contact ArtLipo today. If you’re looking for the best arm liposuction doctor, you need look no further than Tampa, FL!  Call us now and set up your first appointment with our team.