The answer to the question “how long does liposuction surgery take” depends on the lipo treatment itself. Liposuction on different areas of the body takes different lengths of time. The length of the procedure itself depends on the amount of fat the surgeon is removing. Also, it’s important to take into account the time before surgery for preparation as well as the recovery afterward. All patients are different, so the total length of time to a full recovery will vary between individuals. The preparation period before lipo surgery may be around one month. The surgery itself may take as little as 30 minutes or as long as a couple of hours. Afterward, the period of recovery is generally around six weeks. Again, though, this depends on which area the surgeon is treating.

Which Factors Affect The Length Of Time Liposuction Surgery Takes?

Several factors that will affect how long liposuction surgery will take. Firstly, the area that the surgeon is treating is a significant factor. It takes less time to treat small areas, such as the chin than a larger area, like a whole leg. Also, the amount of fat that the surgeon has to remove is also a key factor. For some patients, there is more fat to remove than for others. Therefore, their surgery will take longer to complete. Finally, the surgeon’s own skill is another factor determining the length of the surgery. A highly skilled and experienced surgeon will take longer to complete the procedure. That is because they take greater care to sculpt the area they are treating. They take their time so that they can produce an excellent outcome for the patient. A less experienced surgeon may rush the procedure and may focus solely on debulking fat rather than producing beautiful results.

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How Long Will I Need To Prepare For Lipo Surgery?

You cannot just book your liposuction surgery and then turn up on the day of the procedure! First, you consult with the surgeon to determine your suitability as a patient. You need to outline your medical history and discuss your expectations at this consultation. If you are a suitable candidate, you need to prepare for the surgery. That could take a few weeks, depending on the preparations that are necessary. For example, you must stop taking certain medications for a period before surgery. You must stop consuming alcohol and stop smoking before surgery. Therefore, it may take two to four weeks before you can have your procedure.

How Long Will Recovery Take After Liposuction?

The recovery period following a liposuction procedure will vary in length depending on the patient and the surgery itself. Recovery periods are longer when treating certain areas of the body. For example, recovery periods after treating the neck and chin are shorter than the thigh recovery period. In contrast, if the whole midsection undergoes liposuction, recovery times are longer. In general, recovery can take around four to six weeks.

The first couple of days following your surgery, you must rest and recuperate. After that, though, you can usually resume normal activities, but without any strenuous exercise. You can return to work after a week or two, depending on your job. If you do a strenuous manual job, you may need to take longer off work. You’ll also still need to wear a compression garment and restrict strenuous exercise for several weeks. After around six weeks, you should be pretty much back to normal. However, the full extent of the outcome of the surgery may not be noticeable for as long as six months.

Which Areas Of The Body Take The Shortest Time To Treat?

Some areas of the body take less time to treat than others. The chin and neck, for example, take only around 30 minutes to treat. That is because it’s a very small area that requires only a small amount of fat removal. The recovery time from this procedure is shorter too.
On the other hand, treating the whole leg or doing 360 lipo of the midsection will naturally take longer. That is because the surgeon is treating a larger area and removing more fat. Naturally, a larger area has a longer recovery time too.

Will A Skilled Surgeon Take Less Time Or More Time To Carry Out Liposuction?

The most skilled surgeons take extra care and make sure they’ve sculpted the fat to achieve the best possible result. Therefore, the procedure will take longer to complete. Although patients may think that a speedy surgeon must be a good choice, that isn’t the case. In fact, the speediest surgery isn’t the best surgery. You want your surgeon to produce the best results, and that will take more time. For example, at ArtLipo, Dr. Su performs his Celebrity Arms procedure instead of standard arm lipo. It takes longer to complete this surgery because it produces better results than regular arm lipo. If a job’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly. That is why you should always contact Dr. Su if you’re interested in having liposuction. He can tell you how long your liposuction surgery should take and arrange a consultation.