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How Long to Recover from Liposuction?

The answer to the question “how long to recover from liposuction” depends on the patient themselves and the type of liposuction they had. Chin liposuction, for example, has a shorter recovery time than full leg liposuction. On average, though, patients should be able to return to most of their normal activities within a week or two. The final result may not be visible for several months, however.

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Can I Go Home on the Same Day as Having Liposuction?

The answer to this question is virtually always yes. These days, most surgeons carry out the vast majority of liposuction surgeries under local anesthetic. That is far safer for the patient and shortens their recovery time. It also allows them to go home on the same day. The patients won’t be able to drive themselves home, however. They need someone to take them home and make sure they’re comfortable. They may also require some help for a couple of days after surgery.

What Can I Expect in the First Few Days After Liposuction?

In the first couple of days after liposuction, you can expect some soreness, bleeding, and bruising. All of this is very normal. You will also experience swelling, which means at first you cannot see any difference in the treated area.

Painkillers can help to relieve any discomfort that you experience. It’s important for patients to take some time to rest and recuperate. After the first day or so, you should take a little gentle exercise instead of lying in bed the whole time. It promotes good blood flow and helps with healing.

It’s vital that you adhere to the surgeon’s advice. You should take any medication that your surgeon gives you as prescribed. It’s also essential that you wear your compression garment. You must follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding how long and when to wear the garment. You should avoid any strenuous movements or exercise. You should also eat well and stay hydrated. Avoiding smoking and vaping is also key to a good recovery.

What are the First Few Weeks of Recovery Like?

After a couple of weeks, you’ll begin to feel more like your old self. You may still have some swelling. However, the pain and bruising will usually reduce by this point. You should be able will to return to work now. You’ll also be able to resume many of your normal everyday activities. You can begin to take more exercise but avoid any strenuous workouts.

You must wait until your surgeon gives you the green light to resume strenuous exercise. You must also avoid bathing or swimming until your surgeon tells you that it is safe.

It’s still essential to carry on following your surgeon’s advice at this stage. You should continue to wear your compression garment as prescribed. You will now probably be able to reduce the length of time that you wear it. You should continue eating a good diet and drinking plenty of water. That will aid your recovery.

When Will I See the Results of My Liposuction?

It’s unlikely that you will see the results of your procedure immediately. There will be initial swelling and bruising that needs to subside. After a few weeks, though, you should start to notice the difference. You may not see the full results for a few months or as long as six months to one year, depending on your procedure. It’s important to be patient and wait for the final effect to reveal itself.

How to Prepare for Liposuction Recovery

There are several things to do to make sure you’re prepared in advance before you have your procedure.

  • Make sure your home is ready, so you have all the things you need to hand.
  • Have some meals prepared and ready to heat up, so you don’t need to cook.
  • Have some comfortable clothes out and ready to wear.
  • Ask for help if you need it with housework or caring for children or pets.

Top Tips for a Good Recovery

Every patient who has liposuction wants to have a good and short recovery. There are several things to do to facilitate this. Here are some expert tips to help point you in the right direction:

  • Listen to the surgeon’s advice and follow it at all times before and after your procedure.
  • Eat a healthy diet packed with fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid sugary and fatty foods.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated.
  • Wear your compression garment as the surgeon advises.
  • Take gentle exercise as advised.
  • Don’t return to the gym until given the go-ahead by your surgeon.
  • Choose a skilled and experienced surgeon.

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