The best way to get rid of your cankles is via surgery. Liposuction is the most effective treatment to improve the appearance of poorly defined lower legs. It works by suctioning out the excess fat in the calves and ankles. The surgeon sculpts the remaining fat to create a more attractive shape. It can achieve what diet and exercise typically cannot.

What Are Cankles?

Cankles is an unflattering term used to describe poorly defined lower legs. If your calves and ankles appear to merge together, you have “cankles.”

There are several reasons why somebody may suffer from cankles, including:

  • Obesity
  • Health conditions such as heart or kidney problems
  • Lipedema
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics

Frequently, cankles have a genetic cause. There is little that you can do to resolve this problem.

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Will Dieting Resolve Cankles?

In most cases, dieting cannot resolve cankles. If you are obese and have cankles, dieting may help to improve your appearance. Some people naturally store more fat in their legs. If you are overweight and have large calves and ankles, losing some weight may help to slim them down. Dropping a couple of sizes may relieve your cankle problem. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of this. Spot reduction of fat is impossible. Even if you are overweight, you may find that losing weight only leads to the loss of fat from other areas. Your stomach or breasts may shrink, but your legs may remain large. If your cankles have a genetic cause, dieting won’t help at all.

Are There Exercises To Improve The Appearance Of Cankles?

If you read articles online and in magazines, you’ll see lots of advice about how to exercise to improve cankles. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the advice will work. Some of the exercises that could help include:

  • Jump rope
  • Calf raises
  • High knee jogging
  • Lunges and squats

The idea behind exercising to improve cankles is to lose weight in the calves while building calf muscles for better definition. In some cases, they may work. However, in many others, it won’t. In fact, it could make the problem even worse. You could end up losing weight in other areas rather than the calves and ankles, and this may make them look bigger. Also, building up the calf muscle may make it look bulkier and even less attractive.

Can Slim Women Have Cankles?

Some people believe that only obese women suffer from cankles. That is certainly not the case. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can have cankles. Clearly, if you are slim, your cankles aren’t due to obesity. They are almost certainly due to genetics. Surgery is the only answer in such cases as losing weight won’t help at all.

Can I Have Surgery To Eradicate Cankles?

There are several types of surgery that may help to improve the appearance of cankles. Not all are equally effective, though, and some have significant downsides. Calf muscle resection is one option. It involves cutting away some of the calf muscle. While it may improve the appearance of the legs, it may result in permanent mobility issues.

The best type of surgery to eradicate cankles is cankle liposuction. You can seek out this procedure by finding a skilled surgeon. At your consultation, the surgeon will examine your calves and ankles and take your medical history. They will then determine whether you are a good candidate for the surgery. If you could benefit from cankle liposuction, you can arrange a date for your procedure.

During the procedure itself, the surgeon injects a local anesthetic into the calf and ankle area. The surgeon makes small incisions in this area. They choose an area that is easy to hide to minimize the appearance of any scars. The surgeon passes a narrow tube or cannula into the incisions. They use it to suck out the excess fat and then sculpt the remaining fat to create a beautiful shape.

After the surgery, you must wear a compression garment and follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. You must avoid swimming or bathing until your surgeon gives you the green light to go ahead. Staying active is essential, but you must avoid strenuous exercise until your surgeon says that it is safe. You can return to work in a couple of weeks, and you should start to see results quickly. The final result will be visible within a few months.

Where Can I Get Cankle Lipo?

Not every surgeon offers cankle liposuction as it is challenging to treat the calf and ankle area with liposuction. You must, therefore, seek out help from a specialist in the field with extensive experience. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a liposuction specialist who offers cankle liposuction. His 360-degree active liposuction technique produces excellent outcomes for his patients. You can see his impressive results if you check out the before and after photos in the website gallery.