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How to Get Rid of Fat Around Knees

Are you wondering how to get rid of fat around the knees? You’re not the only one. Many people, especially women, suffer from the problem of excess knee fat. Eliminating excess fat from this area of the body is challenging. Dieting and exercising more can help, but only if you’re already overweight. Unfortunately, some individuals are at their ideal body weight yet still have excess knee fat. In those cases, surgery can help. Liposuction of the leg is the ideal solution to resolve excess fat in this area. This surgery can eliminate the fat permanently and restore the knees to an attractive shape.

Why Do I Accumulate Fat Around My Knees?

Fat tends to accumulate naturally around the knees. That is especially true as we get older. Knee fat pads appear around the patella or kneecap and behind the kneecap tendon. The result is a bulging and bulbous knee that looks disproportionate to the remainder of the leg. Outer and inner knee fat can also be due to weight gain and low physical activity levels. Women often experience more fat accumulation in their legs in general due to hormones, and that includes the knees.

If you have fat around your knees, you may feel embarrassed about the way your legs look. It may restrict your wardrobe choices as wearing short dresses or skirts is out of the question. Sufferers of fat knees may also be unwilling to exercise as they’re too embarrassed about the appearance of their legs. That can result in further weight gain and even more problems.

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If I Lose Weight, Will My Knees Get Slimmer?

Many people with fat around their knees wonder whether losing weight could resolve their problem. In theory, dropping a few pounds should help. Losing weight should cause every area of the body to slim down. Yet, as anyone who has ever lost weight will tell you, that isn’t always the case in practice. Genetics means that some areas of the body naturally retain more fat than others. In some people, those areas include the knees. Therefore, their knees will still remain fat even if the rest of their body gets slimmer.

There are also some people who are already at their ideal weight but still have large knees. Again, this comes down to genetics. In those cases, losing weight won’t help and could even make the situation worse. Losing weight may mean more fat loss elsewhere on the legs, making the knees even more prominent and disproportionate.

What Exercises Get Rid Of Fat Knees?

Some people wonder whether exercising holds the answer to losing extra fat from the knees. In some cases, working out may prove to be helpful. Some of the exercises to try include cardio workouts as well as exercises that target the muscles around the knees. Some examples are:

• Running and jogging
• Cycling
• Lunges Squats
• Jumping rope
• Walking

It’s essential to be aware, though, that spot-reducing fat is impossible. That means targeting one area of the body through exercise in an attempt to reduce fat there won’t work. You cannot solely target your knees through any exercise plan, and unfortunately, sometimes, knee fat is resistant to exercise. In such cases, surgery is the best solution.

Which Surgery Is Best For Fat Knees?

If you have excess fat around the knees, leg liposuction is the best solution for you. This procedure targets excess fat in this area and removes it permanently. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of slimmer, more attractive knees.

Standard knee liposuction involves treating only the inside of the knees. Unfortunately, for many patients, this makes little difference. Removing such a small amount of excess fat has minimal impact on the appearance of the legs. Patients may, therefore, feel dissatisfied with their outcomes. There is a better alternative, though.

360 lipo of the knees is a far more effective and comprehensive treatment. It involves treating the entire circumference of the knee rather than solely the fat on the inside. As a result, the surgeon can remove the maximum amount of fat and produce a much slimmer look.

Not all surgeons offer 360 lipo of the knees. However, Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a pioneer of this effective treatment. His “Knee Complex” procedure produces impressive results for patients. Dr. Su takes a full 360-degree approach to treating the area around the knee. Instead of only treating the inside, he treats the front, back, and side of the knee too. That allows for a very complete result, and patients are delighted with their beautiful new legs.

If you want to find out more about how Knee Complex treatment can help you, get in touch. We can offer you a consultation and get you started on your journey to slim and attractive knees.

If you want to find out more about how Dr. Su’s Knee Complex treatment can help you, get in touch. We can offer you a consultation and get you started on your journey to slim and attractive knees.

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