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How to Get Rid of Hanging Belly Fat After Pregnancy

If you’re wondering how to get rid of hanging belly fat after pregnancy, you’ve probably just given birth. While it’s a beautiful time for any new mother, it can be a worrying one, too. Although your little one is, no doubt, your top concern, you may be worrying about your post-partum belly. Finding a way to get back to your old pre-baby body is often a top priority. Sometimes, dieting and exercising will help. But in other cases, cosmetic surgery is the best solution. Liposuction can eliminate excess abdominal fat after pregnancy, while a tummy tuck can eliminate excess fat and skin.

Why Do I Have Hanging Belly Fat After Giving Birth?

Hanging belly fat after pregnancy is a common concern. While you’re undoubtedly delighted that your baby has arrived, you’re probably less thrilled about your new physique. The post-partum mommy belly isn’t a look that many women enjoy. Women often think their bodies will simply snap back to normal after giving birth. Sadly, that isn’t always the case.

You may see images of celebrities who are back in their size 0 jeans days after the delivery. But those cases are the exception and not the rule. Most women in the post-partum stage have some excess weight and extra fat on their stomachs. Some also have excess skin and loose muscles. Pregnancy causes the abdomen’s muscles to stretch, and the skin must stretch with it. When you no longer have a baby in there to keep everything taut, the fat, muscles, and skin sag.

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How Long Should It Take to Lose My Extra Belly Fat?

Losing the extra belly fat after giving birth can take some time. The uterus needs to shrink back down, and the excess fluids need to be lost. Add to that the fact that you shouldn’t start working out again immediately after the birth. Doctors suggest waiting six to eight weeks post-partum before beginning to exercise again. Therefore, shedding those additional pounds may take a little longer than you imagined. Remember, though, that it takes nine months to gain weight in pregnancy. So, it could take just as long to lose the extra fat afterward.

Will Exercising and Dieting Help Me Shed the Post-Partum Fat?

In some cases, dieting and exercising may help shed your post-partum fat. Eating healthily is always a good idea in any case. Make sure to add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. You should also include lots of whole grains and foods, and stay well-hydrated. Avoid fatty and processed foods, and steer clear of sugary snacks. That should help you to drop some baby weight.

Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you should start exercising, too. It will help you get back to normal after birth and also benefit your mental well-being. Being a new parent can be stressful and overwhelming. Exercise is an excellent way to overcome any emotional challenges you may be experiencing. Cardio exercises like yoga, walking, and swimming are good places to start. You can add more strenuous workouts as you build your strength back up.

Although exercise and dieting may help, be aware that they may not resolve your hanging belly fat problem. The skin may have stretched too far, and the muscles may have separated and loosened. If this is the case, exercising and dieting may not eliminate the apron belly.

Will Wearing a Belly Band Help?

A belly band is a supportive band that you wear around the stomach. It helps to hold in the excess fat and skin and prevents uncomfortable wobbling and chafing. As a belly band is stretchy but strong, it helps to make the stomach look flatter. It can make your clothes fit better and help you to feel more confident when out and about. But a belly band cannot change your body shape beneath. If you feel uncomfortable wearing underwear or a swimsuit when wearing a belly band isn’t possible, you’ll need another solution.

Do I Need Surgery to Correct My Post-Partum Stomach?

Surgery is an effective way to correct your post-partum stomach. Several different surgeries may help you. The three most common are the following:

  • Stomach liposuction
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Mommy Makeover

Stomach liposuction is ideal for women with extra fat on their stomachs but little or no extra skin. An abdominoplasty is a better choice for women with a lot of excess skin and fat. Surgeons also recommend this procedure to women who have separated stomach muscles. A Mommy Makeover is a more extensive surgery that corrects several elements at once. It helps women to get their bodies back to their pre-baby shape. It may address the breasts and other areas as well as the stomach.

It’s essential, though, for new moms to wait for at least six months after the birth before seeking a consultation. Your body needs time to settle into its new post-baby shape before undergoing surgery.

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