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How to Get Rid of Lipedema?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of lipedema completely, because lipedema is a progressive condition that worsens over time. At present, there is no treatment that can cure this condition completely. Many people believe they should not try to alleviate the problem, since lipedema is not curable. Fortunately, though, there are some effective treatments. Patients can have either conservative or surgical treatments. Conservative treatments can address the symptoms, but not the cause of, the condition. They can help relieve the pain and swelling associated with lipedema. Traditional treatments cannot get rid of lipedema, though. The surgical option is liposuction, which addresses the cause of the condition – the diseased fat. Liposuction surgery can remove the problematic fat that causes lipedema. It can give patients relief from their pain and mobility issues for long periods. It can also help relieve the emotional and psychological impact of the disease on the patient, and make their daily lives easier.

Can Lipedema Be Cured?

Unfortunately, at present, doctors can’t cure lipedema. No treatment exists that can entirely eradicate the condition. Lipedema is a progressive disease that goes through four stages over time as it worsens. If patients don’t address the condition, it will eventually cause pain and mobility problems. It also often causes psychological and emotional issues due to the aesthetic impact of the condition. 

Although doctors cannot cure lipedema, they can treat it. There are both conservative and surgical treatments available. Whichever treatment you choose, getting an early diagnosis produces the best outcomes. 

What Are The Conservative Treatments For Lipedema?

There are several conservative treatments that doctors use to treat the symptoms of lipedema. They include:

  • MLD: MLD stands for manual lymphatic drainage. It is a type of massage that helps to move the lymph fluid flow around the body. It can help reduce swelling and pain in the affected limbs. Its effects are only short-term, though. Therefore, patients must receive MLD massages regularly. 
  • Compression garments: Many people with lipedema wear compression garments on their affected limbs. These tight-fitting clothes compress the tissues and help to reduce pain and swelling. They can be uncomfortable and hot to wear, though
  • Diet and exercise: Doctors recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise to patients with lipedema. It can help sufferers to maintain a healthier lifestyle and prevent even more weight gain. It cannot help to get rid of the lipidemic fat, though. Dieting and exercising have no effect on the diseased fat that is the hallmark of lipedema.

Conservative treatments will only address the symptoms and not the cause of lipedema. Some patients prefer to have conservative treatments because they are afraid of surgery. However, conservative options are only short-term solutions. Any relief will be short-lived. Patients need to have regular treatments, or their symptoms will worsen. In addition, their condition will continue worsening over time. 

If you are looking for a longer-lasting alternative to conservative treatments for lipedema, surgery is the answer. 

What Is The Best Treatment For Lipedema?

The best treatment for lipedema is surgery. The surgery for lipedema is liposuction. Most people think of liposuction as a cosmetic surgery. While it is often a cosmetic procedure, it can effectively treat the cause of lipedema.

The cause of lipedema is diseased fat. Liposuction is a surgery that permanently removes fat cells. Therefore, it is an effective way to address lipedema. Liposuction as a cosmetic surgery is about improving aesthetics. When doctors use medical techniques to help with lipedema, it is about enhancing the quality of life for the patient. 

Liposuction on the affected limbs removes the painful fat. As a result, the patient finds their mobility is better, and they experience less pain. Although their silhouette may not be perfect post-surgery, it will be more in proportion. Patients can therefore experience higher self-confidence and greater self-esteem. 

Although some patients with lipedema are worried about surgery, liposuction needn’t be frightening. Surgeons carry out liposuction under local anesthetic, so you are awake the whole time without experiencing any pain. With a skilled surgeon, you will feel reassured the entire time. 

How To Get Liposuction For Lipedema

You need to find a specialist who understands lipedema and how to treat it to get liposuction. The first step is to get an early diagnosis. Many doctors don’t understand lipedema or its symptoms. Therefore, finding a specialist with experience in the field is critical. They will have the necessary expertise to give you the diagnosis you need. 

Here at ArtLipo, we have a specialist in treating lipedema on our team. Dr. Su has treated many patients suffering from this condition. As a liposuction specialist, he can produce impressive results. Many patients report improved self-esteem and a better quality of life after Dr. Su treats them. 

If you believe you may have lipedema, give the ArtLipo team a call today. We can arrange a consultation with Dr. Su for you. You can then get a diagnosis and arrange effective treatment to improve your life.

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