Knowing how to get rid of saggy, wrinkled arms is essential if you’re unhappy with your appearance. Some sources suggest exercise may help, while others recommend skincare products or massage. Unfortunately, these options have no guarantee of working, especially if the problem is purely sagging skin. Dieting and exercising may have a moderate impact if someone has excess fat and skin. But working out and losing weight won’t help if the problem is wrinkling excess skin. There are no natural solutions to this problem. The only way to get rid of sagging, wrinkled arms is to undergo cosmetic surgery. A Brachioplasty (sometimes called an arm lift) addresses the problem and eradicates the excess skin.

Why Do I Have Wrinkled, Sagging Arm Skin?

As we age, the skin tends to become looser and more wrinkled. The result is sagging skin on the upper arms. The skin on the arms starts to sag because we have less collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic acid as we age. We also develop wrinkling and sagging if we expose our arms to the sun for too long. If someone loses a lot of weight, especially if it happens quickly, the skin sagging is often even worse. As wrinkling arm skin isn’t aesthetically appealing, it isn’t surprising that many women with this problem seek a solution.

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How Do I Prevent Saggy Arm Skin?

You can take several steps to guard against the sagging of the arm skin. These include:

  • Avoiding using sunbeds or sunbathing for long periods
  • Using sunblock every time you go outside
  • Eating a healthy diet packed with vitamins, minerals, whole foods, and nutrients
  • Staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day
  • Using moisturizer morning and night
  • Getting quality sleep every night
  • Avoiding smoking and vaping
  • Losing weight steadily rather than crash dieting to shed pounds rapidly

These measures can prevent a sagging problem from occurring. However, it’s too late to prevent the problem if the skin is already sagging. You must address it instead.

Can Exercise Help Tone Sagging Arms?

Many people believe that exercise will help to tone sagging arms. Toning the arms muscles may help, and resistance training offers some benefits. Using resistance bands and weights makes it possible to create more tone in the upper arm muscles. That can make the arms appear shapelier and more contoured. Unfortunately, though, exercise can’t tone loose skin. Therefore, if you have lots of wrinkled, sagging arm skin, exercise cannot help.

Are There Any Firming Products to Help Wrinkled Arm Skin?

Many products on the market today promise to help improve the appearance of sagging arm skin. Sadly, you cannot guarantee that any of them will work. Those that do show some benefits are likely only to provide minor, temporary improvements. That is because these products can’t firm the skin; they just make it look a little better.

Will Eating Healthily Help?

Eating healthily can help to keep the skin in good condition in the long term. Consuming plenty of vitamins and minerals helps to keep skin healthy. Unfortunately, though, it can’t improve already wrinkled skin.

Brightly colored vegetables and fruits support good skin health. Taking skin supplements like collagen and antioxidants may also help to prevent further worsening. But doing this won’t improve existing sagging.

Does Massage Help?

In conjunction with skin products, massage may help improve the skin's appearance. Massage boosts blood flow and stimulates fibroblasts that produce the connective tissues that help the skin to stay firm. Still, any benefits you experience will only be a temporary effect. Massage cannot permanently tighten sagging skin.

Non-Surgical Treatments – Do They Work?

Many clinics offer non-surgical treatments for sagging skin. Some of the most common include ultrasound, laser, and radiofrequency treatments. These claim to work, but there are no guarantees. They are also unlikely to produce any long-term effects. Furthermore, they require repeat treatments which can become costly over time.

Is Surgery the Best Option for Skin Sagging?

The best way to address sagging skin on the arms is to undergo an arm lift procedure. An arm lift is an effective surgery that removes both excess fat and arm skin. The surgeon performs the procedure under a general anesthetic, eliminating loose skin and excess fat from the upper arms. The result is a slimmer, more toned-looking upper arm without any drooping or wrinkling skin.

The best candidate for an arm lift is a patient with a significant amount of loose upper arm skin. They are also in good general health and close to their ideal weight. Additionally, they have realistic expectations of the outcome of their surgery. Some patients may benefit from having arm liposuction together with an arm lift.

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