Having beautiful legs has never been more important. With social media images becoming increasingly accessible, it isn’t surprising that achieving physical perfection is paramount. For women with large calves, it can seem impossible to achieve the slim, toned legs they desire. Whether their calves have over-developed muscles or excess fat, finding ways to reduce them is key. While losing weight may help if you’re obese, many people with large calves are already slim. Exercising may improve the appearance of the calves, but it could also make them look worse. Therefore, surgery is the best option to make calves look smaller. There are several surgery types, including calf liposuction, muscle resection, and selective neurectomy. Of these, calf liposuction is often the best and most effective choice.

Why Do I Have Large Calves?

If you have large calves, you’re probably wondering why. There are several causes of large calves. The first is edema – swelling due to health conditions. In such cases, the swelling is typically temporary.

Obesity is another common reason for having large calves. If you are generally overweight, it’s likely your legs are large too. Losing weight may help to improve the appearance of your legs. Although it isn’t possible to spot reduce specific areas of fat, losing weight overall tends to reduce the whole body.

A third common cause of large calves is lipedema. Lipedema is a poorly-understood medical problem that affects around 11% of women. Women with this condition tend to have large legs and a smaller upper body. Their legs tend to have a column-like or trunk shape. There are other symptoms that signify lipedema, too, such as pain when touching the legs.
The main cause of large calves, however, is genetics. If you have family members with large calves, there’s a good chance you’ll have them too. You cannot change your genes. If your genetics distribute fat primarily on your lower legs, you cannot do anything about that. Only surgery can improve their appearance.

If the reason you have large calves is medical, you must see a doctor to get help. If the problem is obesity, you can try losing weight to see if it helps. On the other hand, if your problem is genetic, surgery is your best course of action.

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Can Slim People Have Large Calves? 

There is a common misconception that only large women have big calves. That is certainly not the case. Slim women can have large lower legs too. That is because of their genetic makeup. Dieting and exercising will not help slim women to improve their calf size or shape. Only surgery can resolve their problem.

Are There Non-Surgical Ways To Treat Large Calves? 

If you have large calves due to obesity, you should try dieting and working out first. Shedding a few points should reduce your size overall. It may, therefore, help to make your calves look smaller. You should be aware, though, that, while the rest of your body may get smaller, your thighs could stay large. Spot-reducing areas of fat is impossible. 

Another non-surgical option is to have Botox injections. These are becoming more popular. Botox works on legs by paralyzing the muscles in the calves and shrinking their size. While they can be effective, the result is only temporary. 

What Kind Of Surgeries Make Calves Look Smaller? 

There are three types of surgery you can have to improve the appearance of your calves. The first is selective neurectomy. This surgery involves cutting the nerves to the calf muscles. The calf muscle begins to atrophy and shrink, making the lower leg look smaller. Another option is muscle resection surgery. That is an invasive procedure that involves removing some of the calf muscle. It makes the calf appear smaller as the surgeon reduces the muscle size. Although it may be effective, it comes with risks. Some patients having this surgery experience long-term pain and mobility problems. 

The final option is calf liposuction. It is an excellent option for women with excess fat on their calves. The surgeon permanently removes the fat from the calves, creating a slimmer appearance. The procedure is relatively non-invasive and produces excellent results. It’s important, though, to find a highly skilled surgeon to minimize risks. 

Am I A Good Candidate For Calf Liposuction? 

A good candidate for calf lipo has excess fat on their lower legs and wants to achieve a slimmer look. They will be in good overall health and will have realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcome. They should be around their ideal BMI and should be committed to living healthily in the long term. They should also be a non-smoker or be happy to quit before and after their surgery.

A skilled surgeon can produce excellent results from calf liposuction, and Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a top choice. Contact the team today to find out how to make calves smaller.