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How to Maximize Liposuction Results

You can maximize your liposuction results by always following your surgeon’s advice both before and after the procedure. Cosmetic surgeons give very clear instructions about what to avoid and what to do before and after liposuction. Make sure to adhere to those instructions carefully. Wear your compression garment as prescribed. Eat healthily. Exercise as recommended by your surgeon. Attend your follow-up appointments. All of these things will ensure you experience the best possible outcome after your procedure.

Do The Results Of Liposuction Last Forever?

Liposuction results can last a lifetime, but you need to be proactive to maintain them in the long term. You can’t just eat anything you like and never exercise again! While eating whatever you want and never exercising may sound appealing, you need to practice moderation. You must continue living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. You must eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly. If you fail to do this, you will eventually gain weight and you will lose the definition in your body you fought so hard to achieve. Gaining weight in the future could negate the results of your surgery and leave you requiring a repeat procedure. Not only would this be costly, but it would also be very disappointing for you.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Liposuction?

Everyone is an individual, so everybody can expect a different outcome after their liposuction procedure. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to liposuction. However, your surgeon can explain to you what kind of results you can expect to achieve after your procedure.

It’s imperative to have realistic expectations of your outcome to avoid disappointment. If you’re expecting to drop several dress sizes, it’s very likely that you’ll feel let down by your surgery. Remember that liposuction isn’t a weight loss procedure, despite the popular misconception that some people still believe. Instead, liposuction is a sculpting procedure. It removes stubborn pockets of fat that dieting and exercise have failed to eradicate. In fact, if you’re too overweight, you should try to reach your ideal body weight before having liposuction. You can achieve the best results if you are at or close to your ideal weight for your height.

How Do I Prepare For Liposuction To Ensure The Best Outcome?

There are several things you can do to prepare for your liposuction procedure in order to ensure the best outcome:

  • Make sure that you’re at or close to your ideal body weight. You should, ideally, be within 30 lbs of the correct weight for your height.
  • Build muscle so that the procedure can reveal the lean and slim contours. You can have liposuction if you haven’t toned your muscles; however, you won’t enjoy the same toned and taut look. Removing the layer of stubborn fat leaves the outline of the muscles more visible. If you tone your muscles, the effect is more dramatic and more beautiful.
  • Establish a healthy lifestyle that you can continue after surgery. Maintaining a healthy body weight in the long term is key to retaining your new physique. Make sure to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay slim and avoid future weight gain.
  • Avoid smoking or vaping. Both of these things are harmful to your healing and recovery.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body and causes premature skin aging. It also delays your recovery after your surgery.
  • Stop taking any medications or supplements as advised by your surgeon. Some medications, even prescribed ones, can be dangerous before and after surgery. Your surgeon will tell you which ones, if any, to stop taking and when to restart your regimen.

What Do I Do Immediately After Liposuction To Improve the Result?

To improve your liposuction result, you need to get things off to the right start immediately after surgery. Here are some things to do:

  • Rest as advised by your surgeon for a couple of days.
  • Take some gentle exercise at first but avoid strenuous exercise until given the green light by your surgeon.
  • Wear your compression garment exactly as prescribed.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Eat nutritious foods.

Will I See The Results Of Liposuction Immediately?

In most cases, you won’t see the result of your liposuction straight away. You may see some improvement, but you may not see the full effects for several weeks or even months. It’s essential to be patient after liposuction. It could be as long as six months before you see the full result of your surgery.

Does My Choice Of Surgeons Affect My Results?

It’s always essential to choose the right surgeon when arranging liposuction. You must select a specialist surgeon who has years of experience in his field to achieve the best results.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a specialist in liposuction. He produces extremely impressive results for his patients. Get in touch today to find out more about the outcome you can expect from a liposuction procedure.

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