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Is Arm Liposuction Safe?

If you’re wondering,  “is arm liposuction” you may be unhappy with the appearance of your upper arms. Arm liposuction is an effective surgery to slim and contour the arms. It involves permanently removing excess fat from this area of the body. Arm lipo is a relatively non-invasive surgery. It involves making only small incisions in the arms. However, all forms of surgery come with risks. Nevertheless, most people consider that arm liposuction in the hands of an expert surgeon is a safe option.

What Is Arm Liposuction?

Arm liposuction surgery removes excess fat from the upper arms to create a slimmer look. The surgeon makes tiny incisions in the arms. They then pass a cannula into the incision. They use the cannula to break up the fat before suctioning it out. They remove the fat cells permanently, sculpting the arms to look slimmer and more toned. Patients undergoing arm lipo have a recovery period of around six weeks. During this time, they’ll experience some swelling, bruising, and pain. They should, however, have no trouble managing these symptoms at home. The final outcome of arm lipo is visible after around six months. The arms will appear slimmer, more contoured, and more attractive.

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Does Arm Liposuction Involve Having a General Anesthetic?

Usually, arm liposuction only involves a local anesthetic and not general anesthesia. If you have a procedure under a general anesthetic, you are unconscious throughout the surgery. An anesthetist must monitor you throughout to ensure you are breathing properly and your vital signs are good. General anesthetics come with some significant risks, including the possibility of an allergic reaction. Patients are also more likely to suffer from side effects after the surgery. They may feel sick or confused and may experience dizziness, bladder problems, and shivering.

Local anesthesia, meanwhile, is far safer. It involves an injection into the area the surgeon is treating. The area becomes numb, so the patient experiences no pain. They remain awake at all times, so there are far fewer risks. Patients can also return home on the same day as having a local anesthetic. They often need to remain in the hospital after a general anesthetic.
Most surgeons use only local anesthetic when performing arm liposuction. That is because it is the safest and best option for the patient.

What Are the Risks of Arm Liposuction?

There are risks that come with all kinds of surgery, including arm liposuction. Typically, these effects aren’t long-lasting or dangerous. The three main side effects of arm lipo surgery include:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

None of these effects will last for very long and shouldn’t cause severe discomfort for the patient.

There are a few other risks associated with arm lipo, including:

  • Infection
  • Uneven results
  • Lasting numbness
  • Internal punctures
  • Fat embolisms

While these are all potential risks, it’s important to note that they are quite rare. You can minimize risk factors through your choice of surgeon.

Can Everyone Have Arm Liposuction?

Arm liposuction is a popular way to improve the appearance of the upper arms, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. Some people are not good candidates for arm lipo.
A good candidate:

  • Is the right weight for their height
  • Is in good health overall
  • Has realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery
  • Is prepared to follow instructions and advice from their surgeon before and after the procedure
  • Is a non-smoker and non-vaper or is prepared to quit for a while before and after surgery

Someone who is too overweight, a smoker, or who is in poor health is not a good candidate. If you aren’t a good candidate for liposuction, you put yourself at risk. You will be more likely to experience a poor outcome and may suffer from unpleasant side effects. A good surgeon won’t allow anyone who isn’t a good candidate to undergo surgery.

Are All Arm Liposuction Techniques Safe?

Although all arm lipo techniques are relatively safe, not all are equally effective. Most surgeons take a conservative approach to treating the arms with liposuction. They typically only treat the underhang of the arm and only remove a small percentage of the fat. As a result, patients are often unhappy with the outcome of their procedure.

At ArtLipo, Dr. Su takes a different approach. His pioneering Celebrity Arms technique produces far more impressive and complete results. He removes as much as 90% of excess fat from the arms. He achieves this by treating the entire circumference of the arm and shoulder. Instead of only treating the underhang, he treats the top and sides of the arm too. As a result, he removes more fat and produces a more beautiful, contoured result. Even better, there are no increased safety risks.

How Can I Make Sure My Arm Liposuction Procedure Is Safe?

It’s vital to choose the right surgeon when planning your procedure. You must also follow their advice before, during, and after surgery.

To get answers to your question, “is arm liposuction safe” get in touch with Dr. Su at ArtLipo today.

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