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Is Awake Liposuction Painful?

Many people worry awake liposuction will be painful as they will be conscious throughout the procedure. Fortunately, that is not the case. Surgeons carry out awake lipo with the patient under a local anesthetic. Therefore, although the patient is alert, they experience no pain at any time during the surgery.

What Is Awake Liposuction?

Awake lipo refers to any liposuction procedure performed with the patient under a local anesthetic. Typically, during surgery, patients receive a general anesthetic. That causes them to be unconscious throughout the procedure. Some surgeons use general anesthetics for their patients undergoing liposuction. Increasingly now, though, local anesthetics are the top choice for lipo procedures. As the surgeon only administers a local anesthetic to the patient, they remain conscious throughout the liposuction procedure. The area the surgeon is treating remains numb, though.

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What Kind of Anesthetic Is Used for Awake Lipo?

When patients have awake lipo surgery, the surgeon uses a local anesthetic containing lidocaine. Lidocaine is known as a safe form of local anesthetic. Many medical professionals use it when carrying out procedures on patients. For example, podiatrists use it when removing ingrown toenails, and dentists use it when filling cavities or extracting teeth.

What Does the Patient Feel During Awake Lipo?

Many prospective patients worry they will experience pain during an awake lipo procedure. In fact, that isn’t the case at all. The local anesthetic numbs the area the surgeon is treating. As a result, the patient experiences no discomfort or pain during their surgery. They will, however, experience the sensation of movement. For example, they’ll feel pressure as the surgeon uses the cannula.

Is Awake Liposuction Frightening?

It’s natural to have some concerns about undergoing any kind of surgery. If you will be awake throughout the procedure, worrying about the experience is not unusual. Nevertheless, you can feel confident that you’ll be in safe hands if you choose a skilled surgeon.

The best surgeons will always reassure and calm you when undergoing awake lipo. Their team puts you at ease from the moment you enter the clinic. As you’re awake during the surgery, you can talk to the team throughout the procedure. You can ask any questions you may have and raise any concerns you’re experiencing.

It’s worth remembering that you’ve probably undergone other awake procedures in the past. For example, you’ve probably had dental treatment using local anesthetic. That can reassure you that there’s nothing to fear from awake lipo.

Why Have Awake Liposuction Instead of Liposuction Under a General Anesthetic?

Although some surgeons still offer liposuction under general anesthetic, most now provide local anesthetic instead. That is because of the numerous benefits that come with choosing to operate on awake patients.

General anesthetics pose some risks to the patient. The patient is unconscious during the surgery, so they require ongoing monitoring and sometimes help with breathing. The breathing tubes can cause damage to the lips, throat, and teeth. General anesthetics can also cause patients to experience nausea and vomiting when they awake. They may also feel confused and disoriented after surgery. Some patients even suffer allergic reactions to general anesthetics.

When a patient has a local anesthetic, it eliminates these risks. As patients remain conscious, there is no need for ongoing monitoring. There are far fewer chances of severe side effects too. Afterward, patients enjoy a better and shorter recovery period. They can return home on the same day as their procedure. They’re also more comfortable before their procedure as they can eat and drink normally. That isn’t possible before a general anesthetic because of the risk of aspiration pneumonia.

Another great benefit of liposuction under local anesthetic is that the surgeon can take their time. Surgeons must try to keep the length of surgical procedures short when patients are unconscious. That means they must use larger instruments and work as quickly as possible. With a local anesthetic, surgeons can use a small cannula and really sculpt the body to achieve a better outcome. As the patient can move around, the surgeon can also see how the fat looks when the patient is upright. They can then sculpt more carefully and ensure an even and beautiful result.

Do All Surgeons Offer Awake Liposuction?

Not all surgeons offer awake lipo, but many do these days, thanks to the benefits it provides. Nevertheless, some surgeons who offer awake liposuction produce better results than others. That is because they make use of the patient being awake to achieve a more complete result.

Active Lipo is a cutting-edge technique that makes the most of the patient being awake and alert during their procedure. The surgeon asks the patient to move and tense their muscles during surgery. That allows them to sculpt very closely to the muscle, producing a very complete fat removal result.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is the pioneer of this impressive technique. You can take a look at our before and after image gallery to see the excellent outcomes he achieves. Get in touch with Dr. Su today to find out more and arrange an awake liposuction consultation.

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