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What Is Awake Liposuction?

A degree of risk is involved when undergoing any kind of surgical procedure. However, if you’re a suitable candidate for liposuction, then awake liposuction is relatively safe. Awake lipo offers many safety advantages when compared with standard liposuction under a general anesthetic. There are fewer risks as the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure.

What Is Awake Liposuction?

Surgeons use the term “awake lipo” to refer to liposuction procedures they carry out with the patient under local anesthetic. Usually, when patients undergo surgery, they are under a general anesthetic. Therefore, they remain unconscious during the procedure. There are some surgeons who use a general anesthetic for patients having liposuction. However, a local anesthetic is the number one choice for surgeons carrying out liposuction procedures. Since the surgeon administers only a local anesthetic to patients, they stay conscious during the surgery. The area that the surgeon is working on stays numb, though.

What Does the Patient Experience During Awake Lipo?

Some prospective patients worry that they will experience pain during awake lipo. Fortunately, that isn’t the case at all. The local anesthetic ensures that there is no pain in the area the surgeon is treating. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the patient feels nothing. They will feel pressure and the movement of the cannula. During awake lipo, patients can move and talk throughout the procedure. That means they can ask any questions and raise any worries they have. It also means the surgical team can reassure them throughout the surgery.

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Is A Local Anesthetic Safer Than a General Anesthetic?

Although some people worry about having surgery under a local anesthetic, there’s no cause for concern. In fact, local anesthetics are safer than general anesthetics. There are a number of risks associated with surgery under a general anesthetic. You can eliminate these risks if you choose to undergo procedures under a local anesthetic.

Patients are unconscious when under a general anesthetic. As a result, the surgical team must monitor them constantly. They may also need to have a breathing tube inserted. These tubes can cause damage to the teeth, throat, and lips. Many patients also experience vomiting or nausea when regaining consciousness after a general anesthetic. Confusion and disorientation are also common. Some people may even have an allergic reaction to a general anesthetic.

Patients are conscious at all times during awake lipo. That means they require no ongoing monitoring or intubation. That reduces the chance of the patient suffering significant side effects. The recovery period afterward is also shorter and more manageable. Patients can go home on the day of the procedure. They also feel more comfortable beforehand as they can eat and drink normally. That isn’t possible when having a general anesthetic due to the risk of aspiration pneumonia.

What Are the Benefits of Awake Lipo?

There are some significant benefits to having awake lipo rather than liposuction under a general anesthetic. Surgeons can really take their time when performing the procedure. If a patient is unconscious, surgeons must keep surgical procedures as short as possible. As a result, they must use larger surgical instruments and must work quickly. That can cause more trauma, bruising, bleeding, and pain. When operating under local anesthetic, the surgeon can use smaller instruments. They can also take their time sculpting the fat to produce the best possible outcome. Since patients can move during the surgery, the surgeon can also see how the fat looks in an upright position. That allows them to sculpt carefully and closely to ensure the most beautiful, even result.

How Can Being Able to Move During Liposuction Help the Surgeon Achieve a Better Result?

When patients are lying down and inert during liposuction surgery, the surgeon can’t see how the fat naturally lies. It looks different when the patient is upright and moving because of the effect of gravity on the fat. When the patient can get up and move, the surgeon can see more easily where fat needs removing and sculpting. That makes it much easier to get an even result.

When the patient can tense their muscles, the surgeon can sculpt more closely to the muscle too. That ensures a more defined and contoured outcome for the patient. The Active Lipo technique relies on this principle. This technique involves the patient moving and tensing their muscles during the liposuction surgery. The surgeon can then sculpt the fat close to the muscle, producing a very complete fat removal result.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is the pioneer of the Active Lipo procedure. If you take a look at our before and after gallery, you can see the excellent outcomes he produces. If you’re keen to find out more about awake liposuction, get in touch with the ArtLipo team today. You can arrange a consultation and be on your way to achieving your body contouring goals.

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