Can Chafing Between the Legs Be Treated with Surgery?

Chafing between the legs is a problem that many women and some men face. It can be an uncomfortable and even painful issue, especially during the summer months. When the skin between the legs rubs together, it causes friction, resulting in a burning, stinging sensation. Eventually, the skin may break, causing soreness and even bleeding. It is difficult to live with this problem, especially if it happens regularly. So, it isn’t surprising that more people are seeking surgery to address the issue. Can surgery help? If so, what kind of procedure is the best solution?

What is Chafing, and How is It Caused?

Chafing occurs when the skin becomes irritated due to rubbing. The skin may either rub against clothing or may rub against other areas of skin. Heat, moisture, and obesity are three factors that aggravate chafing. The symptoms of chafing may be mild; however, in some cases, they are severe. The skin will turn red and may have raised bumps. It will also itch and may burn. In extreme cases, the skin may break and bleed.

If I Experience Thigh Chafing, Am I Obese?

Thigh chafing is a pervasive problem. It occurs if the legs rub together or on clothing while moving around. Some people assume that if they experience thigh chafing, they must be obese. That isn’t the case at all. People of all shapes and sizes can suffer from thigh chafing, even slim people. If your legs touch each other during movement (which is common), you can experience chafing. Nevertheless, obesity is an aggravating factor for chafing and may make chafing worse.

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Is There a Non-Surgical Way to Deal with Chafing?

There are several non-surgical ways to deal with thigh chafing. Three of the most common include:

  • Wearing barrier clothing such as safety shorts or pants.
  • Using petroleum jelly or liquid talc to reduce friction.
  • Avoiding exercise in warm weather.

These measures only address the symptoms, not the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, they may not always be practical, especially if you live in a warm climate.

Which Surgeries Can Address Chafing Between the Thighs?

There is a surgical treatment that can help to address chafing between the thighs. Inner thigh liposuction is one option that can prove helpful. The procedure involves permanently removing the excess fat cells from the inner thigh area. The surgeon performs the procedure under a local anesthetic. They make tiny incisions on the inner thighs, and then pass a cannula into the incisions. They break up the fat cells, then suction them out. They can then sculpt the area to create a slimmer, tauter shape. This surgery can reduce chafing by removing excess fat between the thighs. For some patients, though, this procedure may not be sufficient to relieve the problem. If you have lots of excess skin rather than excess fat between your legs, you may need a thigh lift. This procedure cuts away both the excess fat and skin, removing it permanently.

It’s important to have a consultation with an experienced surgeon to determine the best procedure to suit your needs, ArtLipo is a top choice for cosmetic surgery procedures in Tampa, Florida. Get in touch with us today to find out if surgery can fix your chafing between the legs.