After Surgery for Lipedema, is Exercise Possible?

For many people with lipedema, exercise is virtually impossible. The extra bulk that the lipedema fat adds to the lower body can make movement difficult. Sufferers often feel embarrassed about their shape and prefer to avoid the gym and the pool. Following lipedema surgery, patients can enjoy an improved quality of life. So, many prospective patients ask, will it be possible to work out again after their procedure?

Why is Exercise So Difficult for Lipedema Sufferers?

Exercising when you suffer from lipedema is very difficult. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, lipedema sufferers experience pain in their joints and tissues. Exercise exacerbates this pain. Furthermore, the bulk of the diseased fat makes it hard to walk, run, and move your legs. Feeling embarrassed about your disproportionate body shape can also make it difficult to exercise. Many sufferers feel uncomfortable about working out in front of other people. Wearing tight sportswear or swimwear is often something that sufferers avoid due to low self-esteem.

How Does Surgery Help Lipedema Sufferers?

Lipedema liposuction surgery is the best treatment for sufferers. The surgery removes the diseased fat from the affected areas. As such, it addresses the cause of the problem and produces long-lasting relief. After surgery, patients experience less pain, and as their limbs are less bulky, they’re also able to move more easily. The improvement in their body shape also gives them more confidence. The combination of these three factors makes exercising easier for sufferers.

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Exercise Immediately After Surgery

Immediately after surgery, you will need to take a couple of days to rest and recuperate. After that, your surgeon will actively encourage you to exercise gently. That could take the form of gentle walks to boost blood flow and promote healing.

Can I Swim After Surgery?

Swimming is an excellent exercise for lipedema sufferers because it puts no strain on the joints. But many lipedema sufferers avoid swimming because of embarrassment. After surgery, when your body is more proportionate, you may be keen to take up this sport again. You can certainly go swimming again, but not at first. You will need to wait for around six weeks before swimming or bathing. After your incisions heal and your surgeon gives you the green light, you can return to the pool.

Will I Be Able to Do Vigorous Exercises Again?

At first, vigorous exercise is not possible after surgery. You will need to take it easy and allow your body to heal. You will need to exercise, but it should be relatively gentle. Once your surgeon gives the go-ahead you can start doing more rigorous workouts.

You should find it easier now that you have less bulk and the surgeon has removed some fat.

Most patients find that their pain is significantly reduced or gone altogether after surgery. As their limbs are lighter, they’re easier to move, and there are fewer issues with chafing. Patients also look more proportionate and feel less embarrassed to work out in public.

After surgery for lipedema, exercise will not only be possible but essential to maintain the results in the long term. Contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo today to arrange your consultation.