Are Vibration Plates an Equally Effective Lipedema Treatment as Liposuction?

Finding the right lipedema treatment is essential if you’ve recently received your diagnosis. Getting help at as early as possible is vital in order to enjoy the best possible outcomes. However, it isn’t always easy to get the help you need. Not every doctor understands lipedema well. Some remain almost entirely unfamiliar with the condition. Others will misdiagnose patients as being obese, leading to delays in getting treatment. Seeking help from a specialist is, therefore, imperative. Even when doctors have an understanding of lipedema, they may not offer the best treatment options. There is still an emphasis on conservative treatment methods. One possible option that doctors may suggest is vibration plate therapy. Here, we take a look at what this treatment involves and whether it is the best option.

What is Vibration Plate Therapy?

Vibration plate therapy is a form of treatment for lipedema. It involves the use of vibration plates at a specific frequency. The user stands on a machine that has a vibrating platform. They set the frequency to the required level and then use the machine for around 15 minutes per session. The vibrating of the device transmits energy through the body. It forces the muscles to relax and contract many times every second. As a result, it may boost blood circulation, burn more fat, and help relieve pain.

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Do Vibration Plates Help With Lipedema?

As yet, there are no studies to investigate thoroughly whether vibration plate therapies help with lipedema. Nevertheless, some users claim that they experience benefits from using vibration machines.

The nearest evidence comes from a 2007 study. This research investigated the effects of vibration of the whole body on blood flow to the skin. This study showed that skin blood flow saw an increase. This increase occurred after 3 minutes using vibration plates at a cycle at 30 Hertz using horizontal pivot vibrations.

So, what is the idea behind using vibration plates for lipedema? The suggestion is that if vibration can change blood flow, it should indirectly impact on lymphatic flow.

There is a link between lipedema and vascular changes. These include increased subdermal venous vessels and increased spider and varicose veins, as well as greater vessel fragility and bruising. These factors increase venous pressure resulting in microvascular venous hypertension. In turn, this increases lymph production. Vibration can, at least in theory, help that lymph fluid to flow more effectively, reducing symptoms.

Is Vibration a Treatment for Lipedema in Its Own Right?

Vibration isn’t an effective treatment for lipedema in its own right. It cannot address the cause of the problem and may only have a limited positive impact on the symptoms. But it could be a helpful addition to a comprehensive treatment plan. Some lipedema sufferers find that vibration plate therapies improve their symptoms. You may, therefore, want to include this treatment in conjunction with your current treatment options.

Should I Use Vibration Treatments With Other Conservative Methods?

Many medical professionals recommend that lipedema sufferers try conservative treatments first. These treatments include the wearing of compression garments and manual lymphatic drainage therapies. They may also include adhering to specific diet programs. Vibration plate treatments may form part of an ongoing conservative approach to lipedema. It’s important to recognize that these options only address the symptoms, not the cause. While they may help to relieve some of the worst symptoms of lipedema, they cannot cure the condition. There is, currently, no cure for lipedema. Nevertheless, surgery is the best option for addressing the diseased fat. Surgery addresses the cause of the condition and helps to improve sufferers’ quality of life in the long term.

What is the Surgical Option to Treat Lipedema?

The surgical option for treating lipedema is liposuction. Most people think that liposuction is purely a cosmetic procedure. In fact, the procedure is the same both for surgical and cosmetic purposes. It involves the surgeon making incisions in the area they’re treating and passing a cannula into the incisions. The surgeon uses the cannula to break the fat up and suction it out.

Whether for cosmetic or medical purposes, the procedure permanently gets rid of the fat. There are some differences, though. Cosmetic lipo is all about achieving a slimmer, more contoured physique. Medically-necessary lipo, on the other hand, is primarily about eliminating pain and improving mobility. Nevertheless, even medically-necessary lipo produces excellent results, helping to restore a more proportionate appearance to the body.

For lipedema sufferers, liposuction helps improve their quality of life. They can enjoy greater self-confidence and self-esteem thanks to their improved appearance. As the surgery removes the diseased fat, the sufferer also experiences better mobility and less pain. For these reasons, liposuction is the best treatment for lipedema sufferers.

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