Can Fat From Lipedema Legs Be Harvested for a BBL?

One characteristic of lipedema, a poorly understood medical condition, is lipedema legs, a leg shape that gives the sufferer thick, almost tree-trunk like legs. Lipedema causes an abnormal build-up of diseased fat, particularly on the lower body. Women who suffer from this condition have large legs that take on a column-like shape. They often cause sufferers embarrassment as well as pain and mobility issues. Fortunately, liposuction is an effective treatment for lipedema. Although it isn’t a cure, it produces long-lasting relief from pain and mobility issues. It also restores a more proportionate physique, improving self-esteem and self-confidence. However, some women wonder whether it’s possible to use fat harvested from their legs for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Here, we examine whether or not surgeons recommend this option.

The Brazilian Butt Lift – an Overview

The BBL is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to enhance the buttocks. Its full name is “Brazilian Butt Lift.” It involves harvesting fat from one area of the body, treating that fat, then injecting it into the buttocks. When done well, the BBL makes the buttocks larger, rounder, and shapelier. The final result is a more feminine, curvy physique. Women with small or flat buttocks often want a BBL to give them an aesthetically-pleasing shape.

BBLs require fat harvesting from another area of the patient’s body. That brings an added bonus for the patient. They choose an area they would like to slim down for this harvesting procedure. Liposuction on the stomach or thighs allows the harvesting of sufficient fat to create an attractive, rounded buttock shape.

Is Using Lipedema Fat Dangerous?

As yet, surgeons and experts are unsure of the causes of lipedema. They believe hormonal changes and genetics lie at the heart of the condition. However, research is ongoing into the disease and its causes. With this in mind, surgeons cannot be sure that transferring lipedema fat from one area to another is safe. However, after being harvested and injected into the buttocks, the fat undergoes a purification treatment process. Therefore, many surgeons believe using lipedema fat for this purpose is safe.

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Will Lipedema Fat Look Normal if It’s Injected Into the Buttocks?

One concern lipedema sufferers have about using lipedema fat for a BBL is whether it will look normal. Lipedema fat has an unusual texture and sometimes a different appearance. That is because lipedema fat and regular fat are different. Lipedema fat contains nodules that create a bumpy texture under the skin. These nodules can be as small as grains of sand or as large as walnuts. They feel knotty and lumpy. Some sufferers worry that they will feel these nodules in their buttocks if they use the fat for their BBL. It’s likely those concerns are unfounded. The surgeon treats and purifies the fat before injecting it into the buttocks.

Therefore, it’s unlikely to look any different from any other fat once it’s in place. It’s worth noting that lipedema fat is more fibrous than regular fat. That could affect how well it takes and could lead to more fat cells dying than would normally. That could mean the BBL’s final outcome isn’t as impressive as it could be if the surgeon used regular fat.

Will My Surgeon Recommend a BBL if I Have Lipedema?

If you suffer from lipedema, you may wonder whether you are a suitable candidate for a BBL. You may even wonder why you would want a BBL at all. Indeed, some lipedema sufferers may not need a BBL. They may already feel that they have too much fat on their buttocks. However, some patients at the early stages of lipedema may benefit from a BBL to improve their contours. Some very slim women have lipedema that only affects their lower legs. A BBL could help give them the more defined, feminine shape they desire. It can also help to balance out larger legs. In such cases, a surgeon may suggest a BBL as an excellent way to create a desirable silhouette.

While a surgeon may suggest a BBL for lipedema sufferers, they may not recommend taking the fat from the legs. People with lipedema may wish to slim their legs as this is where lipedema fat tends to accumulate. But using that fat for a BBL may not be a good idea. Some surgeons will suggest that they harvest the fat from another area, such as the abdomen. Liposuction of the legs can take place, too, but as a separate surgery.

The best way to find out whether you are a suitable BBL candidate is to seek out a skilled surgeon. If you have lipedema, you need to find a surgeon with experience in treating lipedema patients. An experienced surgeon can determine whether they can harvest fat from lipedema legs for a BBL. Get in touch with the ArtLipo team to arrange a consultation and to find out more.