Can I Have Lipedema if Stomach Fat is Absent?

Some patients believe they cannot have lipedema if stomach fat is absent. However, that isn’t always the case. Both doctors and patients misunderstand lipedema. Although some lipedema sufferers have stomach fat, others do not. It depends on how the diseased fat distributes itself on the body. Here, we look at how lipedema may present itself.

Lipedema Causes A Disproportionate Shape

Lipedema is a medical condition that involves a disproportionate accumulation of fat in certain body areas. Lipedemic fat isn’t the same as regular fat. It doesn’t respond to dieting and exercising. Therefore, if patients try to lose weight by living a healthy lifestyle, they will fail.

Lipedema is an extremely difficult condition to diagnose. Doctors are still relatively unfamiliar with the condition, and its cause is currently unknown. It also affects each woman differently, so the signs and symptoms aren’t always consistent. That causes confusion among doctors who aren’t always certain about which signs to look out for.

Most often, lipedema occurs in the lower body, causing a disproportionate shape. The areas that lipedema most commonly affects are the legs, hips, and buttocks. Some patients find their arms are affected too. In some patients, lipedema only affects the legs. Their stomach, arms, chest, and upper body remain slim. Other patients find that they develop excess diseased fat on their stomachs too.

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Will I Develop Stomach Fat If I Have Lipedema?

Not all patients with lipedema will develop stomach fat due to the condition. Some patients find that lipedema only affects their legs. However, it’s essential to be aware that as the disease progresses, it becomes harder to stay slim overall. The reason for this is that lipedema eventually ends up negatively affecting mobility. It becomes more difficult to exercise due to the pain it causes. Many sufferers also find it embarrassing to work out because of their disproportionate shape. Their self-consciousness prevents them from going to the gym. These factors mean that it becomes harder to avoid obesity over time. Therefore, many lipedema patients end up with stomach fat eventually, even if the condition itself doesn’t cause it.

How Can I Prevent Stomach Fat From Developing?

The best way for lipedema sufferers to prevent stomach fat from developing is to get an early diagnosis. The sooner you can get a diagnosis of lipedema, the sooner you can start an effective treatment.

Presently, there is no cure for lipedema. However, there are effective treatments. Getting treatment as early as possible helps to slow down the progression of the disease. Seeing a lipedema specialist is the best way to get that early diagnosis. Most family doctors simply lack the expertise to diagnose lipedema in its early stages. A specialist has the necessary knowledge to spot the symptoms at stages 1 and 2 of the disease. Specialists also offer the most effective treatments to slow down the disease’s progression.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a lipedema specialist who can diagnose and treat the condition effectively. If you’re concerned that you have lipedema in your stomach, legs, buttocks, or arms, arrange your consultation today.